11 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed with OC Ukeje


Okechukwu Ukeje won the first edition of Amstel Malta Box Office and it catapulted him to fame and straight into our hearts and we’ve never been the same.

We don’t just like him because he’s an actor. We love him because:

1. The guy is fiiiinnneeee!!!

This guy is hot, hot, hot! He should be given the title “His Royal Hotness”!

See that smile. Swoon…

2. He’s so suave and has charisma to boot

In addition to that handsome face, he’s got this thing about him that just makes us want to give him a bear hug!

3. He rocks a beard and the clean shave equally well

Ladies, tell your male friends to learn from him. His beard is always well kept — not bushy and not sparse. It’s just right.

4. He keeps slaying left and right with his sense of style

This guy should model for GQ. His immaculate dressing is just so… I have no words.


5. He’s the perfect gentleman

His name OC should be acronym for “Original Charmer”.

6. His acting is on point

He knows how to pick movie projects, and his character delivery is excellent.

7. He is a singer and songwriter

Wait a minute while I faint…

Okay, I’m back!

Let’s keep calm and carry on.

8. He loves his fans

Though I’ve never met him in person and just admire him from afar, friends that have had that privilege always gush about his humility. He will always say hi. I’d probably become a mumbling idiot when I finally meet him. Hehehe!

9. He’s got pizzazz

He’s not boyish to the point of immaturity or to manish to be a brute. He’s just got the right amount of boyish charm and manliness.

10. He is articulate

He’s oratory skills leaves nothing to be desired and everything to be admired.

11. He keeps his private life private

Not every celebrity does that, and not those who do, do it successfully. That’s how we didn’t know he was dating anyone, until he announced his wedding engagement.

He could be Chiwetel Ejiofor’s brother for all we know.

Some of us were devastated when we he got married.

But we survived.

And we still love him.

Because he’s just so awesome!!!


Image Credit: Chyder5photography, BellaNaija and The Union.

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