#30Billion House – OBO- Davido shows off his new mansion


– Fall crooner Davido recently showed off his new crib on social media – Davido is only 25 years of age and has gained a lot in material wealth since the launch of his music career – When he said he had 30 billion in his account, he clearly wasn’t joking – The singer showed off his huge bedroom Singer Davido is definitely living up to his 30 billion in his account claim. In a recent post on Instagram, the Omo Baba Olowo showed off his new crib and from the looks of it, he is super proud of his latest achievement.

Trust his fans to hail him. At age 25, Davido, in monetary success, has gained more than millions of Nigerians far older than he his. The singer who never fails to rhyme about his material wealth left a lot of fans wishing to be him after he showed the gorgeous house he built with his own money. Many say Davido is the master of cockiness, however his behaviour is justified. At least with the house news he dropped on the internet, it is safe to say he puts his money where his mouth is.

Source: Instagram, Davido

The singer shared photo of his bedroom and massive bed. Calling himself a king, he showed off his fancy abode. He said: “Sleep like the king that I f*cking am.”

Source: Instagram, Davido

But money is not all Davido is good for, the singer is currently on tour and has been shutting every city he steps into down. We guess having a weighty bank account and being a master singer is the only way to truly live like Davido.

Source: Instagram, Davido

With all this enjoyment lifestyle, Davido better stay out of trouble and be safe. NAIJ.com earlier reported how a man and his group of friends almost attacked Davido recently.

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