Interview: MTV BASE’S VJ. “EHIZOJIA “EHIZ” OKOEGUALE” A Profile in Stardom!


Ehizojia “Ehiz” Okoeguale is MTV Base’s newest VJ. The 25 year old triumphed in the MTV Base VJ Search – Nigeria, beating runners up Ada Ogunkeye and Kemi Owatemito win a job contract with MTV Base worth N10 million and a brand new car.

The happy-go-lucky former jobseeker is a computer electronics graduate of Lead City University, Ibadan where he was tagged the life of the party. He defines himself as a “happy kid” and goes with the personal mantrathat states: “Be the best you can be because at the end of the day you can only answer for yourself.”

Also known as “Special Slim,” he is an indigene of Edo State but was born and bred in Lagos by his parent Engineer Thomas Okoeguale and Mrs. Catherine Okoeguale.

On Friday 25th of January, Ehiz was announced as the winner of the MTV Base VJ Search – Nigeria at the grand finale of the 3-episode competition that saw him going against runner up Ada and Kemi. He was chosen by a panel of judges comprising Banky W, Toolz, Funke Akindele and MTV Base’s Tim Horwood.

Now the young VJ is set to become the main host of MTV Base new programme Official Naija Top 10 alongside other Nigerian A-List celebrities. The first episode of the show will see Ehiz hosting alongside famous Nigerian Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt. Ehiz was not modest in expressing his delight. He gave us some scoop about the show and also took time to talk about his budding career, his life and also left a message for the ladies in this chat.

OB: Aside from the On-Air Personality that we’ve come to know you as, tell us who Ehiz really is?
EO: Let me define Ehiz… Ehiz is a happy kid from Edo state but was born and brought in Lagos state, with Ehiz, happiness is key.

OB: What was your childhood like? Tell us about your parents, siblings, growing up in general
EO: Growing up was great. I wouldn’t say my dad gave me everything but he definitely provided everything I needed (laughs). I’m from a family of 5 kids and I‘m the last child. My father is Engr. Thomas Okoeguale and my mother is Mrs Catherine Okoeguale. I have 3 sisters and a brother so you can say I’m the baby of the house (laughs). Oh yeah! I’m also an uncle – my sister’s kids which makes the family a big one.

OB: Tell us about your presenting career before MTV Base VJ Search; did you at any point in time pick up other VJ Jobs prior to the MTV Base VJ Search?
EO: Basically before MTV Base, there was nothing major just a few shows back in school, that’s how trained myself. After a long wait, the number one music channel in Africa came calling and I obeyed the call… thanks to GOD I am what they needed (laughs).

OB: As a Computer Electronics graduate, what motivated the passion for Showbiz in you?
EO: The motivation came from within, I found out at an early age that when I talk people listen and laugh. Before I knew it, I started hosting shows and everything else just came to live.

OB: What where the obstacles you faced during the Search, where you at any point driven to the point of giving up on the Search? 
EO: I doubted my abilities at the beginning of the VJ search but I was never close to giving up. I kept the pain inside, wore a smiling face and enjoyed myself. Giving up was never an option.

OB: Tell us about the other two finalists, Kemi and Ada, who was your biggest competition amongst them during the search?
EO: I love Ada and Kemi. They are beautiful and great at what they do. I can confidently say they both stood as my biggest competition… they both rock!!!

OB: How is the relationship between you and the other finalist now?
EO: We are still tight as ever. Kemi aka Lil’ Miss Miss, Ada aka Folustorms the Rock-Star (laughs). The 3 of us went through something that no one can understand which made us really tight and I love them dearly. They are my girls for life (laughs).

OB: What can you say stood you out during the competition, what was your special ingredient?
EO: I never really had any secret ingredient; I just had to be myself at all times. I had no strategy at any point in time.

OB: Now as an MTV Base VJ, How has your life changed?
EO: My life has changed big time because nowadays I walk around and people know who I am and this feels good. All I can say is: no more hunger and I thank God for that.

OB: What about female fans, how have you been handling them?
EO:  I love my female fans and I know they love me too (laughs).

OB: You must be very excited about your programme on MTV Base, Official Naija Top 10, seeing you will host alongside some of the notable names in the industry, are you nervous or intimidated?
EO: Nervous? Yes Intimidated? No…I am crazy excited about the show! I know it’s going to be fun and exciting and people are going to love it!

OB: We have seen couple of MTV Base programmes such as the official Naija Top 10, what is the spice you are bringing to the show, what will you do differently that the other VJs are yet to do? Basically, what’s your strategy?
EO: I’m going to say this again, there is no strategy or plan I am just going to have fun and make the best of it. By this time next year the Official Naija Top 10 would be the most watched show… can I get an amen to that? Amen (laughs).

OB: Your hair style is nice, suits what is presumed to be your style but in your own words can you define your fashion style?
EO: (Laughs) thank you very much. I like to dress easy and comfortable. Less is more, nothing too over board or over the moon.

OB: What can you not be caught dead wearing?
EO: A lot of things if I might say but mostly would be this new Denim and Ankara mixture that is in vogue.  That is a no-no for me.

OB: Do you like fast cars and gadgets? What car catches your fancy at the moment?
EO: Who doesn’t like fast cars and gadgets? I think we all do.Ican’t really pick a car right now but if baba God wants to bless me, it would be a Benz for sure (laughs).

OB: What’s your most priced gadget at the moment?
EO: That would be my phone for now, my iPad got damaged so for now it’s my phone.

OB: Do you have an obsession for football like most guys do? Which club do you support, home and abroad?
EO: I love football big time! I support Arsenal FC with all my heart even though we are not doing well right now, I still love my club.

OB: How did you handle the lows and highs of the Super Eagles during the AFCON 2013 Tournament?
EO: The super eagles made us all proud though no one gave them a chance. No one believed in them but just like the champions that they are, they proved everybody wrong and made the country proud.

OB: Now that you are a VJ, What does the future hold for Ehiz?
EO: I know the future holds a lot for me and whatever it brings I’m going to grab but for now it’s all about MTV Base baby!

OB: Do you think you may still explore other aspect of the entertainment industry… say music or movie?
EO: I don’t know about the music sector because I can’t sing or rap but I can always try some acting in the future, that wouldn’t be bad.

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