5 Shocking Secrets You Don’t Know About May D


Akinmayokun Awodumila, better known as May D, is no doubt one of the most naturally talented singers in the Nigeria music sector. May D’s vocal prowess, distinguished voiced and simple but interesting dancing skills are his selling points. May D rode on the back of his former record label bosses, P-Square, to launch his career.

There was no better way to introduce himself to the music audience than featuring in a monster hit track ‘Chop My Money’ that has P-Square and Akon.

5 Shocking Secrets You Don’t Know About May D

Once the video of the song dropped, there seems to be nothing stopping May D from even surpassing the exploits of his masters.

May D perfectly follow the momentum with subsequent hits like ‘Ile Ijo’, ‘Cool Temper’, ‘Sound Track’ and ‘Gat Me High’.

The sky seemed to be his starting point until his once blossoming career started nose-diving from the pecking order.

Below are five shocking secrets you don’t know about the Ekiti State-born entertainer:

1: May D has started his career as a dancer while in secondary school. He used to dance at shows to the delight of people. He was famously known as a dancer back then.

2: He had accommodation challenges, the reason Alaye, a UK based rapper introduced him to P-Square so that he can squat in their Omole mansion and also get busy by assisting the twin brothers do one thing or the other.

3: He lived with P-Square for four years before they discovered his music talent, and they decided to invest in his career. It was less than a year that the twin brothers started investing on him that he called it quits.

4: May D doesn’t have any favourite drink, but he doesn’t joke with his wraps of Indian hemp. He has a penchant for the stuff.

5: He was a Mass Communication student of the University of Lagos, but dropped out after having extra year, due to the fact that he could not cope with being an artiste, father and student simultaneously.

May D musical career was given a boost during his stay with the singing twin, P-Square

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