7 Things to Know about B’RED


1-Born Adebayo Adeleke, B-Red, is the second child of a family of four from the famous Adeleke clan in Osun State. B-Red is also a cousin to CEO of HKN music label and celebrated star, Davido.

2.He was born in Atlanta, USA and moved to Nigeria when he was five years. B-Red started playing the drums at six and began singing and producing when he turned 16.

3-He formed a music group in Atlanta known as KB International. It was made up of himself, Davido, Shina Rambo and a Jamaican guy named Jamrock. They held sway for a year, before he moved to Lagos with HKN Music, owned by his cousin, Davido

4-He’s into Afropop, Pop, RnB music and he is also well known for his good looks which makes him a ladies man. He officially kicked off his music career in February 2013 with the release the widely accepted RnB single – Insane Girl feat. Davido & produced by Shizzi.

5- B Red has toured the world with his cousin ‘Davido’ working where he gain grounds as his hype man. B Red once said his name means “B for Bayo & Red (a general term used to describe people with very fair complexion in America)”.

6-His singles “IWAJU” “IWOTAGO” & “TWERK” have achieved success instantly becoming a radio & TV favourite in Nigeria & west Africa.

7-In September 2015, B Red toured the UK with Davido as a supporting artiste and also released his first international collaboration “CUCUMBER” featuring Akon.

8-B Red’s social media presence remains one of the strongest points of his career; he boasts over 100,000 Instagram fans and almost 60,000 fans on Twitter.

His video for “TWERK” has also crossed the 1 million-view mark on YouTube.

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