7 Things We Picked Up From Genevieve Nnaji’s Interview With Ventures Africa


We all love Genevieve Nnaji really! I mean, who doesn’t?

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7 Things We Picked Up From Genevieve Nnaji’s Interview With Ventures Africa


And we make it a duty to talk about her when she does something new. Just recently, she spoke to Beast of No Nations writer, Uzodinma Iweala for Ventures Africa and in as much as the interview was one about Genevieve recasting Nollywood movies, we picked up a few more details about Genny!

1. She loves Candy Crush

Genevieve was lost in her favorite past time, the game Candy Crush, which she plays religiously.

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2. She was a tomboy and fought a lot

I was a tomboy. I had three brothers right behind me. My sisters were too busy with themselves – you know how elder sisters are. I played football on the street,” Genevieve told me. She also used to engage in fistfights with the boys who lived in her compound. “I got into a fight with a neighbor of mine who was a boy and I beat him up… I was six years old. We were mates and he was fat. He definitely asked for it and he got it,” she said.

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3. She excelled in the arts

As a primary school student, she excelled in the arts, painting and even producing a comic book series that became very popular in her school. “I would have my classmates bombard me to write the next one while they were reading,”

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4. She left the university after her first year and her dad wasn’t liking it

At the end of her first year in university, stressed by the triple load of acting, coursework and modeling, and frustrated by the continuous strikes plaguing the university system, she made the decision to leave school to pursue acting full time. “My dad didn’t find it funny,” she said. “He wasn’t happy about it, but I kind of reassured him that I would go back, that it wasn’t over.



5. She always has 2000 naira in her wallet

I must have a minimum of my first salary in my wallet — two thousand Naira. I can have more, but that’s the minimum. It was my first salary. It’s dear to my heart. That was my welcome fee into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s just there. I love it. I spent more than that to get the two thousand though on transport faire, cause by the time they tell you to go and come back so many times, you’ve spent way more than that, but that was who I was.

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6. She has a dog called Prince

Her fluffy white dog, a Brichone-Frise, Lahsa mix named Prince lounged by her feet on the white shag carpet

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7. She has a production company with her friend, Chinny Onwugbenu

The two ladies eventually formed The Entertainment Network or TEN, a production company that Chinny calls fundamentally Nigerian first. “We’re embracing the term Nollywood,

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