9ice dumps politics, returns to music


Abolore Akande, popularly known as 9ice has said he is leaving politics to return to his music career.

9ice, speaking in an interview with Funmi Iyanda on her YouTube series ‘Ask Funmi’, admitted he was keen on politics, but stated that Nigerians are not ready for real change.

“I want to do politics but the country is not ready, the environment is not ready, even the people are not ready. I am not Jesus Christ. Why do I want to fight for people that are not ready? Let me just focus on myself and my family,” he said.

9ice also revealed that he funded his 2015 campaign to represent his constituency at the House of Rpresentatives, despite having godfathers.

The singer added that only divine intervention can bring change to the Nigerian system.

“It’s not worth it. It will take the grace of Almighty God to reshape Nigeria into what we dream of. It’s not by intellectual capacity. We have tried that and it’s not working,” he said.

9ice said he had tried several times to leave music, but failed at each attempt.

“I didn’t want to do music but that is just what God wants me to do. I’m 90% close to music. I have given up things that I want. Now I let go. Whichever direction God is taking me to, I just go,” he said.


9iceI didn’t promote fraud in my ‘Living Things’ – singer defends

The singer said he’s only trying to paint a story of individuals going about their daily duties and dutifully earning their pay.


9ice 9ice

Singer, 9ice has reacted to Falz the bhad guy‘s take on his new song, ‘Living Things’ saying he is neither glorifying fraud nor encouraging the youths to take to crime.

Speaking to HipTV, the singer said he’s only trying to paint a story of individuals going about their daily duties and dutifully earning their pay.

“It’s not about promoting fraud so to speak, It’s about someone who wakes up in the morning and needs to go and earn a living. It’s not negative, it’s positive, you just have to be in that realm to understand what the song is all about,” the singer explained.

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Earlier, in a brief interview, Falz the bahd guy had  stressed that entertainers should neither glorify fraud or fraudulent behaviour.

” As an entertainer sing about something that can help our life, paint a picture, tell a story, don’t glorify fraudulent behaviour it’s not good.”

9ice has been brought back to relevance with the song, ‘Living Things,‘ after a long hiatus from major stage despite releasing albums and music.


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