Checkout A day in the Life of A STARS like Tekno Miles


Looking at our male celebrities, I wouldn’t say am jealous or trying to envy them. The rich and flamboyant life style they live. The money, fame, cars, posh lifestyle they engage in. Plus the women, alcohol, weed and all manner of things they are into. I can bet to imagine how they cope and live their life.

But imagine a day in the life of a celebrity like Tekno Miles the Pana crooner. “How would it look like?” If I be like Tekno, how a day for my life go be? With all the busy schedules and many activities.


Imagine a day in the life of a celebrity  like Tekno would be like.

4am his woken up by the call of his manager telling him about an interview with a TV station and a radio show before 2pm that day.

After the call, Tekno go just take him phone to check wetin dey sup online. “Any news about Tekno miles?”

“Who is blasting him on social media?”

“What the media is saying about him!”

“Any trolls?”

Those are the thoughts that would be on his mind before he picks up the phone to check the internet. As I switch on my network, na so notifications just they fly enter. Na so my notifications go be.

Instagram – 1716 notifications. (214 direct messages, 1113 mentions and likes, other numbers na new followers)

Twitter  ——  2133 notification (Infact I am trending because of cassava)

Facebook —  312 notifications (116 likes, 58 messages, others na shares and page likes)

Youtube — 417 notifications (new subscribers, shares and likes)

Emails  —- 47 email notifications

And so many notifications and text messages.

Tekno will reply some of the mails and leave the rest for his manager to do the rest.

Na so my guy go enter twitter. Most of the DMs are just excited female fans who wants to grind hid cassava to be sure it can produce good Garri. The few others are just desperate ones begging for money. Then he would check some of the mentions. Many of the ladies are still talking about his cassava. Na so my guy go smile. He would just reply one of the mentions who asked where his next show would be at.

My guy go move go Instagram. Behold, many of the DMs are from Instagram models, fine girls. Even hungry ones join too, from folake, Irene, Aisha, Zainab, Precious Ifeoma, all join with many others wey send love messages say dem wan Grind Tekno cassava to form garri wey fit make better eba to take chop soup. Na so my guy go delete some, ignore some and just leave a few. Some of the few na girls wey him don like. He has noticed them. Na so Tekno go reply some of their messages. Some of them had had an encounter with him before like folake. He would reply their DMs telling them when and time to come over to his place for another round of cassava processing.

After the session on social medias, he would move to websites and blogs to see what the news says and what they are writing about him. As Tekno miles land for come see wetin dem write about him. He doesn’t like it at all. He picked up his phone that moment and called his manager to get intouch with the admin of the site and the writer to pull that write-up down or he would sue the hell out of them.

6:30am Tekno miles would just go on little workout for about 30minutes before his manager arrives. After the work out, he takes his bath and prepare himself for the radio show he has that morning.

After the show, he goes for the TV interview. After the interview, he has already started trending again on social media concerning what he said on the radio and TV show.

Na so my guy Tekno miles go land for twitter come see trolls, bullies. One was like

“Tekno you are such a bad influence to young people. You are a fool, you know


And Tekno would give an Epic reply..

“So was your father before he gave birth to you.”

Na so linda Ikeji and bloggers go carry the Epic reply for head. It would start trending that Tekno miles gave a troll an Epic reply. Hahahahahah. Baba no wan hear oooo.

11am, Okoye of Upclose and personal will call Tekno and manager that he’s waiting `for them at MTN’s head office to sign the multi-million Naira deal with the Telecoms company. “And the manager almost forget to add that on his schedule.” Tekno go begin vex say manager no remind him about the contract signing. But the manager will tell him that they were aware of it nah. Even Paul okoye of “Upclose and personal” talked with both of them the previous day concerning the deal.

After much arguments, manager finally accept mistakes and apologizes, and they headed to MTN office to sign the deal.

At the MTN office, come and see the way staffs of MTN Nigeria were struggling to take photograph with Tekno. “Am a super duper star,” Tekno go talk for him mind. After the contract signing, dem go take photographs and start uploading online.

An hour later, it was yet to start trending that Tekno Miles has signed a multi-million Naira deal with MTN. Tekno’s manager would pen down a well press release and sent it to media houses. Na so Tekno go begin trend say him don become MTN ambassador ooo. “I want it to be on Linda Ikeji’s blog,” Tekno will tell his manager.

4pm, Tekno will fly to Abuja for a show. “You need to see the girls the show organizers sent to come and welcome Tekno!” “Hmmmmm, if folake see this ones ehhh, she fit die ooo.” Folake would be like, “They want to collect my Tekno from me.”

9pm Tekno came out for the business he was paid to do. He came out to perform. “Come and see how the ladies were screaming for more from Tekno as he was performing.” After the great performance, Tekno would retire to his hotel room but not after he has exchanged mobile numbers with some Abuja big girls. Some girls wey dey brave go don collect him number through the manager. No be just ordinary girls ooo. Na real big girls wey get money. Indeed he adds the girls to the number of the ones in his catalogue to test his cassava.

11pm, Na so them organize one fine babe for Tekno to keep him company for the night.

And 12pm, hmmmmmm. Tekno knows what he’s doing.

This is just a pure imagination of a day in the life of a celebrity like Tekno miles.

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