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After what seemed like a long silence, leaving fans wondering where she’s been or what she’s up to, Splash is set to set a new standard for female emcees in the Nigeria music scene.

With successful introduction into the industry, and a steadily growing fan base, Splash is no doubt one of Nigeria’s respected young femcees.

Splash who’s first single “Church Agbasa” won her critical acclaim across the country and beyond, is set to make a fresh statement with her forthcoming follow up single titled “Ego Uwa”.

Known for her lyrical depth, and smooth blend of the Igbo language in her songs, Splash has yet again scored another hit with “Ego Uwa”.

“I stepped off the scene for a bit to work on myself” Splash started, “Now I’m back to give my fans something fresh, deep and of course good music as usual”.
While Splash went on break to work on her art, she also took some time to handle some business. She moved base from her former label, the HMan-led August Pee Entertainment to join Brodock Music Group, home to the young talented kid, Vito.
“Splash is a brilliantly talented artiste, and we’re excited to have her with us at BMG.” Says Smart, Chairman of Brodock Music Group.

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