★ STARS LLC, is an Entertainment creators Marketplace★ for efficient distribution of digital contents directly from STARS, This also connects creative talents with multiple options of Revenue, and ensures that creative control is at the hands of the talents. with the STARS being the focal point of distribution, The  fans can now conveniently access Authentic Premium Content from anywhere, STARGAZERS can now ★Stream★ Movie STARS★ Modeling STARS★ Music STARS★ News★ TV STARS★ Live Radio★ Shop for Authentic★ Fashion★ Gadgets★ Merchandise★ Physical & Digital Contents Powered by STARS LLC★ Our Technology is created with the primary mission of creating an efficient Distribution system for the Entertainment Industry, we do this by differentiating Authentic contents from pirated contents★ #SiteofSTARS★ #ReachfortheSTARS★ #STARSareForever★
To access the channel of a STAR you input the popular name of the STAR after the [stars.ng] component e.g https://stars.ng/[starname] or use the search bar to locate your Star.

To Book for a STAR, use the form on your right hand side of the screen and place you booking for any star, you can book for, Product Launches, Social Media promotions, Advertisements, Events, Weekly or Monthly, Endorsements and lots more.

For a faster and efficient booking system, we require a Refundable deposit, depending on the category of STARS you are booking, After confirmation of your deposit, if there is any scheduling conflict with The STAR, we either refund your deposit or get you another STAR for your showcase★

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