1. ★STARS★™★ Advertising and Promotional Offers

★STARS★™★ Do sell graphical display, text, and other ads, and deliver promotional offers for its products and services, on the ★STARS★™★ Web Services and other digital properties. These ads and promotional offers may be based on information that you have provided to ★STARS★™★ or its information about your current subscription or use of ★STARS★™★’s or its affiliates’ products or services, or other generally available information about you.

2. Partner Ads
Third parties, such as our content partners or advertising networks, may present customized ads on the ★STARS★™★ Web Services based on information that these companies independently collect through their pixels, cookies, and other technologies described in Section 8 of the Web Services Privacy Policy. These companies collect and use information (which may include personally identifiable information or information that can be used to contact you online) under their own privacy policies.

If you want to advertise  and sell your products on ★STARS★™★’s web service or have any questions about this page, please email [email protected]

Content Owners

★STARS★™★ is The most efficient distribution system for digital and physical contents, We have the largest concentration  of unified entertainment in one platform.

We enable Entertainment STARS to connect with their core vetted Fan base using the STARS Branded Channel to display high quality premium content. How would you like to increase your brand exposure, improve viewer engagement? We thought you might. We can help you achieve your goal and get your content in front of all those eyeballs staring at their screens on all front.

As an Advertiser we can give you direct access to all categories of Entertainment STARS and you will be at liberty to determines the size you want to Target and what you need to Target.

We do not Display Adverts for Entertainment STARS from branded companies, All Payments for adverts on the channel of all Entertainment STARS are paid to the STARS according to agreed terms before the Adverts are displayed, we ensure that your favourite STARS are carried along during engagement phase of your ad buy