Banky W, Adesua Etomi10 things you didn’t know about the celebrity couple


Here are ten things you didn’t know about the latest celeb couple in town.


These guys are the latest celebrity couple in town with no doubt and their wedding is still the talk of the town.

We all know Banky W is a singer and until recently, an actor while Adesua Etomi is a rising actress. So we bring to you ten things you might not know about them.

1. Banky W  is from Badagry in Lagos state

Banky W and parentsplayBanky W and parents


Bankole Wellington is also known as Banky W is not just a Yoruba guy of origin but hails from Lagos state. He is from the Badagry area of Lagos state. His mother, however, is from Cross-rivers state in the south-south part of Nigeria.

2. Adesua Etomi is from Edo state

20 special things Adesua Wellington has learnt from GodplayAdesua Etomi in her first outfit by Toju Foyeh for her trad wedding


Adesua Etomi hails from the Esan tribe of Edo state. Even though she didn’t grow up from that side of the country, her name still speaks a lot for her as a true daughter of the soil. Her mother is of the Yoruba descent.

3. They both attended Corona School in Lagos state

Young Banky W with eyebrows on fleekplayYoung Banky W with eyebrows on fleek


Banky W attended Corona School in Lagos for his primary school education before moving to Home Science Association school for his secondary school education. Adesua just like Banky also attended Corona School for her primary education before moving to the prestigious Queens College.

4. Banky W had his university education in the United States of America

Banky WplayBanky W

 (Peekaboo Global)

After his secondary school education, Banky W moved to the United States of America where he had his university education. He has a degree in engineering

5. Adesua Etomi had her own university education at The University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom

The ever beautiful Adesua EtomiplayThe ever beautiful Adesua Etomi


Adesua Etomi left Nigeria at a very young age, moved to the United Kingdom where she furthered her education. She obtained a degree from the University of Wolverhampton.

6. Banky W is a trained Industrial engineer

Banky W isn’t just a musician, actor and director, the guy has a degree in Industrial engineering making him a good looking dude with brains. He got his degree from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

7. Adesua Etomi studied Drama and performance at the University

Adesua EtomiplayAdesua Etomi

 (Peekaboo Global)

Adesua Etomi obtained a diploma in “physical theatremusical theatre and performing arts” from City College, Coventry in 2004. She later went on to obtain a first degree in Drama and Performance from the University of Wolverhampton.

8. It would surprise you to know that Adesua Etomi is a first-class graduate

Adesua EtomiplayAdesua Etomi


She doesn’t just have a degree, Adesua Etomi came out in flying colours while at the university. She graduated with a first class in Drama and Performance

9. Adesua Etomi is the youngest of her three siblings.

Adesua Etomi flanked by her mother and two older siblingsplayAdesua Etomi flanked by her mother and two older siblings

 (Linda Ikeji)

Adesua Etomi is a from a family of three. She has two older siblings.

10. Banky W is a very handy man as he loves to do domestic work around the house

Banky W the chefplayBanky W the chef

(36ng )

While granting an interview with MTV Base earlier in the year, the singing star revealed that he loves to do stuff around the house by himself. He loves to cook, clean and do his own laundry all by himself despite being a celebrity.

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