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Beat F.M’s Olisa Adibua also slams Etcetera, calls him a nobody & a failed artist


These are not the best of times for Etcetera as he has been slammed by several stakeholders in the industry for his alleged callous statements.

Beatfm Programmes Director and popular On-Air-Personality Olisa Adibuahas also slammed singer turned writer Etcetera for criticizing radio personalities

Speaking with NigezieTV’s Extra, Adibua said;
Etcetera is a nobody. He’s a failed artist. I can not comment on anybody who is a nobody. I hate the fact that Nigerians pick on people who are nothing. He’s a nobody so no one should take him seriously. What has he done? Who is he? Etcetera, shut up! If you want to get recognition, bring out a song. I’m not against any idiots who don’t have any talents. If you want to make a statement, make a statement with a record. If you want to say something, say it in a creative manner, in a constructive manner.”


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