ImageImageImageIt was another weekend and we decided to spend it in Olumirin Waterfall in Erin-Ijesha just after Ipetu in osun state, it was a good sight plus a rejuvenating experience to have. After that, we proceeded to Ekiti state to pay Paschal Ojezele’s sister a visit since we might never have time to do that again. It took us hours to get there because the road was bad and snake like. We got there and all the corpers were happy to receive us, she prepared a sumptuous meal which we ate. It got very late so we slept off there like a baby.

The next morning we woke up strong and healthy, preparing for our journey back to benin. Just immediately after Ikare, Ondo State, a small golf car painted in red was tailing us and Paschal was viewing it by the side mirror and all of a sudden they came close and they were bringing out guns from their window and still driving.

Immediately out of fear I told Paschal to belt up, pin all doors down and drive fast they could be thieves. Before we did that they overtook us and were pointing guns out, one of them shot the gun in the air and shouting we should stop. We were driving a honda Accord simply known as “Baby-boy” with Paschal, a lady and I. Immediately they overtook us they came down and one of them with a scary looking face was shouting at us ”are we mad”.

How can SARS be pursuing us and we won’t stop. They unpinned our cars and we noticed one of them had identity card and that was the only reason we came out. Pointing the guns at us they said we were criminals and they wanted to search.

At this point I was already furious because it was becoming embarrassing, I spoke out that we were strangers, and we are not used to such manner of approaching people or conduction of search. First of all you were pointing guns from your car, the car was not labelled with anything and what do you expect us to think, of course thieves and honestly I was not serious, We were actually shouting too.
One of the guys started man-handling me, telling me to open the boot, saying he wanted to check, I did and I was checking him closely to see if it wasn’t a set up or to be sure he doesn’t want to frame us. He closed the boot and said he must take us back to the police station in Ikare.

Looking at the time, plus their uncivilized, uncultured, barbaric, beastial manner of approach we told them that we are not going because we are no criminals and they have no right to treat us the way they are treating. The argument became hot, attracted people here and there. Paschal was still calm and before I knew it one of the SARS men was already manhandling Paschal and he was holding a gun plus the two other SARS men were talking at the top of their voice holding their gun pointing at us too. One of them hit the lady with their gun and Paschal was on the verge to rescue and holding the sars policeman from hitting her again with the gun.

Immediately like a flash the second sars official was about to hit Paschal when I came in between, he hit my hand and I told him it wasn’t right that he could not just take laws into his hands we are not criminals, we are reputable Nigerians. They were still shouting at the top of their voices squeezing us telling us to enter the car that they want to take us to Ikare police station.

While they were doing this a mercedez benz vehicle parked in our front and a middled aged man came out and showing everybody his Identity card. He introduced himself as the DPO of a particular police station somwhere I have forgotten. He called one the SARS guys asking him what happened. The guy narrated the story, said there was a robbery case the previous day and they were doing a search and they feel our car with the people inside are suspects. I was wondering if this Is how they train police officers, so crude and uncultured manner. Paschal was about to talk, I noticed he wanted to interrupt the Police Oga because he was explaining the rationale behind the search.

That criminals and arm bandits have been disturbing them, that it Is only necessary for them sometimes to conduct search. When it was my turn to talk I explained that it was ok to search but  we didn’t know they were SARS and the manner at which they stopped us was really not proper, that we almost took them as thieves and we were not sure yet until he intervened.

He said he appreciated our intelligence, and told us to identify ourselves, Paschal made his identity known, I did too and he concluded that no matter who we are we should always cooperate with the police. At this point we were listening, he now faced his boys, saying no matter what they have done, please allow them to go, they are harmless. One them was still ranting that he wanted to arrest us especially me, that it seems I have too much powers and he wants to fight me. At this point I was smiling.

They saluted their boss and we were all into our cars and I was thinking, police men shouldn’t behave like this, just maybe they could have shot us under the pretense of search. Why didn’t they have their labelled vehicle as usual? where they on illegal duties? Why are they so uncultured? One of the policemen was smelling alcohol. Those were the questions that rang in my head.

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