Burna Boy Can’t Control His Tears After Losing His Bosom Friend


if only Burna Boy can make one wish in life right now, he would have wished his bossom friend, Gambo, back to life.

The dancehall music star is seriously in a mourning mood at the moment, thus he shared a touching tribute for late Gambo on his Instagram page and a lot of his fans have been sending their condolences.

Oluwa Burna as he often calls himself wrote, “Eyes swollen. Cried so many tears nd I feel like imma b cryin till d day we meet again. R.i.P Gabriel Serenkuma aka GABZ aka Gambo. U were all I had at d lowest point of my life, you are literally part of every before success life story I have to tell ,We survived so many wars nd hardships on those Cold streets. The only nigga in this world that I believed could realy die for me nd I wud do the same if it ever came down to it.

I wud trade everything just to talk to my brother again. A part of me is gone with you darg. I dedicate everything I do to you till the day we meet again. R.I.P mi Breda.”

He then shared a picture of his friend and captioned, ‘Life will never be the same again. I’m on the plane nd I can’t bring myself to stop crying. R.I.P Gambo. I feel dead inside yo’

R.i.P Gabriel Serenkuma aka GABZ aka Gambo

Burna Boy

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