Chimamanda Adichie: The Truth about Nigeria’s Men, She Was Asked If Men In Nigeria Are Really Behind The Times?


Chimamanda Adichie was a speaker at the recently held 2017 Women in the World Summit in New York where she and Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood were in a conversation with Katie Couric on “How To Raise A Feminist”

During the conversation, Katie Couric, who is an American journalist and author asked:

“Chimamanda, when I was watching your first TED talk, I thought, ‘My God, men in Nigeria are really behind the times’, you spend half your time as I said here in the united states , so what have you experienced or observed about feminism in this country, are we doing a better job than they are in Nigeria?”

Chimamanda replied saying:

Not necessarily… I mean that we are having this conversation…I find it really interesting that the US is supposed to be ostensibly the leader of the world, and women rights are still tenuous, it’s just really startling 
I think that misogyny exists everywhere in the world, I think it manifests itself differently in differently places. I think it helps when you have institutions and laws, that’s what happens in the US, so you have institutions and laws that mostly help, not enough in my opinion, in a way that Nigeria doesn’t.  I think that is a function really of the fact that Nigeria is relatively a young nation.

Not necessarily that Nigerian men are worse, I think male privilege is a global thing.. For example, the idea of women having power is something that maybe Nigeria do a bit better than Americans, when you look at Nigerian government for example, more women are active and present. And talking about women and power isn’t as layered and loaded as it is in this country.

If Hilary Clinton had run for president in Nigeria, she would not have gotten the kind of misogynist ugly coverage that she got in this country…but I think she would have had to at every interview tell us she cooks for her husband otherwise Nigerians will not vote for her

Watch the video below (start at 17:44) for Chimamanda’s response



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