Chris Brown & Rihanna: He ‘Loves Her To Death’: Talking To Her Is Even Better Than Sex


Chris Brown just can’t get Rihanna out of his head! The exes have been talking again, and Breezy is falling for her all over again. In fact, he thinks just talking to her is even better than sex, EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Chris Brown Loves Rihanna

Rihanna, 27, is the only girl in the world to Chris Brown, 26, right now. Now that Breezy and Ri are finally in a good place again, Chris has realized that he still “loves her to death,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY — and that he would give anything to be with her again. Here’s the scoop!

“He misses her. He always has. She’s a good woman and he loves her to death. He thinks she’s drop dead beautiful with a soul that only an angel could have,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. Aww. His love for her is definitely not just physical. “He’d give anything just to have a meal with her. Not sex. Just a meal. Just to talk. Just to look at her and witness her beauty all over again,” our insider says. Chris and Rihanna have been doing a lot of talking lately — their love just never seems to die! A recent report claimed that Breezy has been Facetiming the “BBHMM” singer, and told you that he’s been confiding in her over his baby mama drama!

However, Chris isn’t pushing her to meet up, and is just enjoying what they have now. “It’s the simple things he’s after these days,” our source says. “He doesn’t know if it will happen but in the meantime, a man can dream, can’t he?”

Now that Breezy and RiRi are friendly, Chris is dying to get her to perform with him while he’s on his “One Hell of a Nite Tour.”

“He’s been begging Rihanna to come and be a surprise performer on his tour,” an insider shared with us EXCLUSIVELY. “He’d love to get up there on stage with her like they used to and get down on one of their past collaborations. You’re talking one hell of a night!”

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— Julianne Ishler, Reporting by Eric Ray

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