Chrissy Teigen Thought Illuminati Membership Was Part of the Marriage Package


hrissy Teigen, Twitter’s most consistently transparent celebrity, has cracked the window on the inner workings of celebrity lifestyles again. Not through a legally tenuous Snapchatted phone conversation, which is the exposé method du jour, but through an impromptu Twitter Q&A. Of the several topics covered, perhaps the most disappointing is admission of defeat for Illuminati induction/awareness. When asked, “How many people do you know are part of the Illuminati,” Teigen responded:

There you have it. Card-carrying Illuminatum like John Legend (allegedly!) don’t share secrets with their spouses. I know what you’re going to ask next. It’s the only logical follow-up question here. Why should we listen to someone who is admittedly not in the Illuminati about the life and times of famous folk? And the answer is: shhhh, they’re going to hear you.

Teigen does have some insight to share, however. She offered commentary on arranged relationships in Hollywood (topical!), debunking the idea that it’s a normal practice. She’s only heard of one couple in her career that found each other via contract, and she knows so many celebrities. Think of all the ones that have passed through the hallowed halls of Lip-Sync Battle. There have been a lot of very famous people for whatever reason!

Teigen, the everyman’s operative on the Hollywood inside, also explained the fun power-jockeying at play when the world’s most beautiful greet each other (less immediately topical, but tell me more!):

But how do you know who’s more famous?

Oh. Additional topics covered in this fame seminar include: Does she save good paparazzi photos on her phone? (Yes.) Does she call them to take her photo? (No, she goes to them.) Who answers the door for delivery? (Teigen’s mom.) Do celebrity babies know that they are celebrities? (Emphatically no.)

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