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The most popular stereotype for an “only child” is that he is spoilt. Meet Clement, the exception to the rule. He is an only child but he is not spoilt, neither is he selfish. As a matter of fact, his guiding principle for life is “serve & respect people, and you will get the same back.”
The 18-year-old high school graduate is interested in nature, and good music. His hobbies are singing and swimming. He is a quiet person, who sometimes likes to be alone. Clement is wise beyond his years, a level- headed young man, who although has access to the good things of life, but was quick to grow a giving heart.
He discovered his singing talent at the age of 9, when he tried to mime a song by WestLife. He has recorded 3 songs, he says people often find it hard to believe he did the songs because they are incredibly good songs.
His musical influence includes Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber. He hopes to do duets with Wizkid and Justin Bieber.  The fondest memory he has of his singing career is the one in which the head mistress of his school stood up to give him a hug when he performed on the school stage.
Clement hopes to be the first Project Fame winner from Ghana, he believes he can make this happen because he is a fast learner. He is confident this will help him in the competition as he would pick up every single thing he is being taught at the Academy and make the best use of them.  He also thinks relating with the other contestants in the house would be smooth because he would try as much as possible not to offend anybody.Many thought his stay in the Academy would come to an end after he sustained a leg injury during a dance rehearsal but he stayed strong, proving himself week after week by performing strongly despite his condition and for his efforts got to be the 3rd runner up of MTN Project Fame 7.0 and walking away with a cash prize of two million naira.

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