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Hours before his accident, Da Grin had an interview with Hip On TV. These are the excerpts of the interview below;

Hip TV- How does it feel to be a nominee?
Da Grin- I feel so good, I feel so great because last year I was nominated for two categories but I didn’t get any but now I feel like I am working. I feel like I am part of the Nigerian acts for me to be nominated for the Hip Hop World Awards. It’s like a plus to my career, if I get any. But I hope to win. I really I want to have it all.

Hip TV- Can you recite some of the lines of Pon Pon Pon and infuse Hip Hop World in it?
Da Grin- Sure. Awon artiste ni Naija, imi nu won si ma ja/To ma sare gbagbe bata bi ki bata e ja/
Olorun si n ba elomi se ninu yin, o si n ni hit/To ba to time kan, e yin bawo, e ni le fit/
E ma le, igba yen la ma mo ojuomobale/A ma fi rap wrap yin po ese yin o ni bale/
E wo mi kin n fi fale/E wo mi ki n fi hale/ Toba wad a bi iro, oya now Hip Hop World e je a jale.

Hip TV- Were you expecting a nomination?
Da Grin- Of course, most definitely. If you listened to the C.E.O album, you know definitely know what am talking about when it comes to rap albums.

Hip TV- Now that the nominees list is out, what do you think are your chances? Do you think can knockout the rest of the competition?
Da Grin- Of course now, like I said in the C.E.O album, I put in a lot of work. I talked about the streets, I talked about the hustle, and its not just the Moet, Hennessey thing. So with C.E.O I have got the chance.

Hip TV- Evaluate the chances of the other contenders in your category?
Da Grin- I like Cartiairs album, he is a good rapper. I listened to a couple of songs on Ill Bliss’s album, its good. Kel, her album is good but it sounds like a mixtape. The C.E.O album is really on point. It talks about the streets, the ghetto, and the hustle. It talks about how people carry on with their lives and everything. Its not just the Hennessey, Moet and Champagne thing. The C.E.O album is on point.

Hip TV- Okay, say something to your fans.
Da Grin- Yo people just vote for me. Its www.hiphopworldawards.com. Vote for your boy Da Grin a.k.a Fi Mi Le Jo. I also want you to vote for my boy So Sick. (Goes ahead to sing the hook on Stay Fly).

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