Davido: Thriving on controversies


HIP hop act, David Adedeji Adeleke a.k.a Davido, is no stranger to sensational headlines. Since he burst into the music scene as an 18-year old in 2011, with his single, ‘Dami Duro,’ the artiste has continually given fodder to the media. Be it his stormy relationships with women, face-off with security or penchant for flaunting his wealth on the social media, Davido attracts controversies.

Hence, Davido, now 25, was cruising on familiar turf when he shared an Instagram video in which he presented a N45million Porsche car to his girlfriend, Avril Chioma Rowland, as she celebrated her 23rd birthday.

Expectedly, the expensive gift got tongues wagging. While some wondered why Davido, who has two daughters from two different baby mamas, would decide to shower his girlfriend with such an expensive gift, others celebrated with Chioma and wished for her kind of luck. Some simply poked fun at Davido. For instance, Comedian Ayo Makun a.k.a AY, joked about blocking Davido from his wife.

In 24 hours, the video garnered over one million views on YouTube, prompting speculations that the artiste’s action was a publicity stunt to promote his new single “Assurance.”

Soon after he posted the video of his mind-blowing gift to Chioma, Davido tweeted that he rejected a $60million endorsement deal, asking that the offer be increased to $100milion thus amplifying suspicions that he was perfecting a publicity stunt.

Davido also revealed that he has been dating Chioma, who is reportedly a cook and goes by the Instagram handle, Chef Chi, for five years. According to him, Chioma, a Babcock University, undergraduate, is a ‘good girl’ and that’s why he’s in love with her.

At the backdrop of his claims, pundits wonder what kind of “good girl” would stand her lover impregnating a random girl and flaunt her to the world while he keeps her from the spotlight? Many more imagine how much tears she shed to attract the gift of a Porsche? “Why didn’t Davido propose to Chioma if he truly loved her?” they wonder. As the social space excites over Davido’s wondrous gift to his beau, entertainment and celebrity buffs acknowledge that Davido has found his niche as a pop idol and newsmaker. While it’s exhilarating to read of Davido’s current jaunt, the artiste has had his share of ugliness too.

Few people would forget in a hurry his messy fight with ex-girlfriend and mother of his lovechild, Sofia Momodu, and her uncle, Dele Momodu (Ovation publisher) last year. The artiste accused Sofia of feeding his daughter, Imade, with Cannabis, an allegation which sparked controversy across the social media. He would derogatorily sing ‘Dele na my boy,’ though he didn’t specify the actual Dele he meant in the wake of the incident. Davido and Momodu have, however, reportedly mended fences, as the artiste performed at the publisher’s Ovation red carol last December. Also, last year, a 26-year-old lady, Ayotomide Labinjo, accused Davido of fathering her three-year-old daughter, Aanuoluwapo, claiming they had sex on two different occasions in 2013. Though, Davido denied it, Labinjo said they met in Ibadan, Oyo State after his performance in a night club and a month later when he attended Gbenga Adeyinka’s Easter show. “When I told him I was pregnant at the end of March 2013, he said I should keep it but the following morning, he blocked me from his Blackberry Messenger list,” she disclosed in an interview.

“I could not reach him throughout the period I was pregnant. On each of the days we met in Ibadan, he had a police and three body guards with him.” A paternity test would, however, absolve Davido of being Aanuoluwapo’s father. Recall, Davido’s first daughter had to go through DNA testing before he claimed her as his. Last year, the artiste also lost three friends in controversial circumstances and in quick succession. On October 3, 2017, Davido’s friend, Tagbo Umeike, died on his birthday, after a night out with the artiste. Reports said he died after drinking 30 shots of Tequila, winning a bet of an iPhone 8 and N200, 000 allegedly placed by Davido. But Tagbo’s girlfriend, Caroline Danjuma, didn’t agree that he died from drinking too much alcohol. Rather, the Nollywood actress said Davido knew more about Tagbo’s death than he was revealing. “No one is accusing anyone of being a murderer but we need to know what happened and why everyone is quiet,” said Caroline in an interview.

“My anger is that he was abandoned by those supposed to be his friends and brothers. Davido and Tagbo were very close and I am angry with Davido for keeping quiet,” she said. In the wake of Caroline’s accusation, Davido sang, ‘Caroline, that one na gold digger.’ No one can categorically say, however, if Davido was referring to the actress in the song. He was, however, absolved from blame by the Police over Tagbo’s death. But for all the controversies he courts, Davido flaunts a generous spirit. He reportedly bought an iPhone X for his crew and when he found out that the family of Utibe, a child fan who sang his song, ‘If’ on Instagram was homeless, Davido provided money to build them a house. Also, recently, the singer was in the news when he paid N15million for a an aviation staff’s surgery.

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