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D’banj, I didn’t get paid for my interview with Jonathan


Popular Nigerian artiste, D’banj denies all claims that he was paid for his 2011 interview with President Jonathan. Find out all he has to say about the matter and determine if it’s true or not

D'banj and Olisa AdibuaplayD’banj and Olisa Adibua

On D’banj’s popular interview with Olisa Adibua, ‘The Truth’ he was asked about his interview with President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, most especially if he got paid for it. The Koko Masters words were “Of course I didn’t get paid. Who told you I got paid? Whoever told you I got paid should come out and say I got paid”

D’banj expressed his discomfort addressing the issue saying “ I don’t think that’s a very nice topic to discuss on the  Truth”. He however said if he could rewind time the interview will be something he would do all over again.

When asked if he got paid for the interview with GEJ, D’banj stuttered before finally deciding to say that he was not paid for it which made it hard to believe.

Olisa Adibua rephrased his question, saying ” Did you get paid down the line foe something else?”. Stuttering yet again D’banj responded saying ” I will not say I got paid for something else down the line because you will think I got paid for something else other that what i do as a performer. So, I got paid the regular fee i will get paid to perform at a university gig”

D’banj mentioned that for the interview he charged how much he would to perform at a show and also that he requested for the interview with Jonathan at the time. “When I was asked by President Jonathan to support, I said Sir, I want to do an interview with you, so that when my fans ask me why I am supporting this guy, I can show them the interview explaining why”

His story seems to be very shaky.

Do you believe D’banj?

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