The one self-defence move EVERY woman should know – and it takes less than one minute to learn


  • Professional wrestler demonstrates a choke hold women should learn  
  • Move helps you to fend off an attacker who is leaning over you 
  • Using the T-shirt, hold can render your attacker unconscious in seconds 
  • According to a professional wrestler, there is one self-defence move every woman should know – and it’s called The Choke.

    The basic move, which takes less than one minute to learn, could leave an attacker unconscious in just seconds if performed correctly.

    FEMAIL enlisted the help of wrestler Minxy, from London, to create a step-by-step video guide at CitySport gym.

     Minxy said: ‘This move is tricky and you would need to practice it to get the technique right, but if you know how to do it is does work and would have someone unconscious in seconds.’

    She added that The Choke is a variant of a jujitsu move she practices at her studio, Alpha Femmes UK Wrestling Studio, based in London.

    Professional wrestler Minxy from Alpha Femmes UK studio demonstrated the move with prowess

    Professional wrestler Eve Torres, who has 546,480 fans on Facebook, originally filmed footage of the move, urging women: ‘Stop what you are doing and take 42 seconds to learn this choke!’

    The video gained 32,000 reactions on Facebook, 175,043 shares and 5,596 comments.

    Torres was a World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE) champion and has also starred in reality show Total Divas, about the company’s female stars.



    Clamp you right arm over your attacker’s neck, securing the neck in your elbow join and pulling them down firmly towards you.


    Clamp the opponents left arm under your left arm, attempting to secure it in elbow joint. Hold it firmly.

    Slide the right hand around their neck and grab the T-shirt under above your other hand. De-position the first hand above the second and then put your left foot in their hip joint


    Wrap your legs around their waist and secure together with your ankles.


    Take your left arm and reach down to grab you assailants shirt. Then pull it up and gather the material in your hand, also taking a firm grip on the collar of the shirt behind their neck.


    In a quick movement slide your hand around their neck in a smooth motion keeping it close to the jugular. Grab the t-shirt with the palm of the right hand facing up above the left hand.

    STEP SIX: 

    Reposition the right hand above the left hand.

    Minxy and her exhausted volunteer shake hands after the wrestler performs the killer move


    Put your left foot firmly in the hip joint of the attacker.


    Push yourself away from the attacker with that foot.


    Using the space created by that motion move the forearm on your left arm over their head so that your forearms are crossed and pressing against the neck. By pulling the t-shirt you can tighten the choke hold.

    Tip: It is important to keep you head close to the head of your attacker so they can’t punch you.


    Emily Hodgkin, FEMAIL writer from South London says:

    Watching Minxy try out the moves on our volunteer made me feel nervous at first. She was incredibly strong and skilled, and wasn’t holding back when it came manhandling the men.

    How was I going emulate this move effectively, and with such style? 

    It was rather awkward as I lay down on the mat underneath the volunteer I would be effectively strangling only moments later. 

    Initially the move was a bit difficult to get my head around, as the formula in which you have to move your arms, legs and hands can be a bit confusing.

    However, once you manage to get your head around the choke it becomes easy, and that was after only a few tries. 

    I’m sure you’d need to keep practising, but it definitely works, you can tell when your volunteer is spluttering and struggling to breathe.

    It feels empowering, as a small and quite weak woman, to have a much larger male opponent rendered helpless on top of you.

    It’s easy to apply enough pressure to knock someone unconscious by using their T-shirt and I definitely began to feel stronger and more powerful the more I tried the mo

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