Ex-Beauty Queen, LizzyGold Onywaje Speaks on Why she Joined Nollywood


LizzyGold Onuwaje is not new in entertainment industry, as she has made waves in modeling sector. She kicked-off her career in 2004 when she contested for Miss Delsu Beauty Pageant and emerged second runner-up. She went for Miss Delta Beauty Pageant and became the queen in 2006. Afterwards she started her pet project as an NGO that focused on Youth Empowerment. LizzyGold went further and represented Delta state in Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) competition in 2007, where she made it to the last five. Her passion for acting continued calling, as she sojourned into movie industry in 2012 after attending Emem Isong’s Royal Arts Academy. Today, LizzyGold has a lot of movies to her credit as her career keeps soaring. She spoke with Julia Blaise Blog (JBB) on her experience in movie industry. Enjoy It!

You sojourned into acting last year and you recorded huge success, what sacrifices did you make?

I attended Royal Art Academy School of acting by Emem Isong for 3months. Then after that I went to the East and worked with Onyeze productions and I also worked with Solo Amaco productions, but I got my first glamour lead role with a female producer named, Uche Nancy. She has been nice to me and since then movie scripts have been pouring in. So far, people know me with two popular movies role that I have done, Troubled King and Action King.

You were in modeling industry, to the point of wearing the crown of Miss Delta State in 2006 and contesting for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2007, why did you leave the fashion industry to acting?

I became a beauty queen in the year 2006 when I won Miss Delta State, and went for Most Beauty Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant in 2007. It was a fantastic experience, but I didn’t continue because it’s stressful. However, that does not mean that I left that area completely, as a beauty queen I have an NGO which is centered on empowering youths. I started the NGO after winning Miss Delta State. Along the line I decided to focus my attention on my NGO and acting.

So how did you become an actress?

I have always nursed passion for acting, and I went to Emem Isong School of acting for 3months. From there I went to the east, where I started acting practically.

What challenges have you faced in Nollywood?

Sincerely speaking the only challenge I faced was the stress I encountered during my acting school in Lagos, when I came to the East I was lucky to fall into d hands of my female producer she has been very helpful and gives me challenging roles.

Talking about challenging roles, which ones do you have in mind?

I have acted a lot of roles such as, Troubled King, Action King, Desperate Hawkers, Village Babes, Mothers Betrayer, Ladies on The Move, Best of Enemies, My World, The Damsels, Nurses Club, Crippled Kingdom, Hotel Rewanda, Kings Help and many others.

Do you have any most challenging role yet?

My World movie was challenging because I was thrown out of a moving vehicle with just bra and a black short in a market square. So it was challenging to me with everyone staring at you and you are dressed like that. I feels it takes boldness to do that.

Is there any role that u can’t do?

I can’t do a nude role. No matter the amount I won’t.

Any experience of sexual harassment in the industry?


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