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Exclusive: Ayo Vincent talks to Trendwatchtv.com [Blog Interview]




Not everyday we hear of gospel music artiste but Ayo Vincent has created a name for her self in recent times. With trending collaborative gospel piece with Mavin Boss Don Jazzy, Ayo Vincent shares her musical journey and experience on this episode of trendwatchtv blog interview.

Trendwatchtv.com: Hello Ayo.
Ayo Vincent: Hi dear.


Trendwatchtv.com: Briefly share your background with us?
Ayo Vincent: My background, I’m assuming that it’s my personal background. I’m Ayo Vincent, a Christian, a gospel artiste, married with 3 beautiful children.


Trendwatchtv.com: At what stage of your life did you consider music?
Ayo Vincent: I considered music as a career about the time I was rounding off orientation camp. Up until that time I did it because I was passionate about it but it didn’t occur to me that I could do music fully as a career


Trendwatchtv.com: What would you describe your sound as?
Ayo Vincent: My sound is an eclectic mix of soul r&b and very recently afro-pop


Trendwatchtv.com: Do you write your own songs?
Ayo Vincent: Yes I write songs but I didn’t write all the songs on my album


Trendwatchtv.com: Do you think of yourself more as a songwriter or a singer?
Ayo Vincent: I am both. Singer and songwriter.


Trendwatchtv.com: Gospel music in this part of the world is struggling; many have resorted to contemporary and in most cases switch genre. Is it true to say that not all gospel acts are truly called by God?
Ayo Vincent: I’m not quite sure what exactly you’re asking but I will say that music in general in the 21st century is contemporary. Also gospel is a genre all by itself. So whether your approach is contemporary, classical, soul, rap or rock as long as the message is about life in Christ then there’s no issue. As far as the industry struggling, I will say that we are growing and we need as much support as we can get while we continue to churn out great songs.


Trendwatchtv.com: Were you called into the ministry of singing?
Ayo Vincent: Well I’m not God. He alone can determine who He called, not man. Yes I can say with confidence that this is what I was called to do


Trendwatchtv.com: From your profile, you are worship leader with Christ Embassy, would it be right to say that forms your fan base?
Ayo Vincent: Christ Embassy members form part of my fan base not all of it. I’ve got fans everywhere.


Trendwatchtv.com: So how do you manage fame coupled with your husband and children [Family]?
Ayo Vincent: Lol. I’m still on that journey. I’m not famous yet. When the time comes where I can’t go places without being mobbed I’ll let u know


Trendwatchtv.com: Lolz, okay let’s move to the next. The Nigerian music industry has seen couple team up as bands, are we expecting joint forces from your hubby?
Ayo Vincent: Not at all. He’s not a singer.


Trendwatchtv.com: How important is the Internet to your development as a singer/songwriter?
Ayo Vincent: The Internet is a treasure trove. It can’t take the place of God given inspiration or your innate creativity but all the info you might need you will definitely find.


Trendwatchtv.com: You did a song “My Time” [Orobo Portion] with the Nigerian Multi award-winning record producer, Don Jazzy. Please share with us how you got him to feature on the song and what was the energy like in the studio. [Most people want to know] Ayo Vincent: Working with Don Jazzy was an amazing experience. He’s extremely creative. He’s easy to work with. It was fun, he’s very patient polite and humble. It was by divine providence that we met. It was just God’s timing and the opportunity I was waiting for came


Trendwatchtv.com: Your debut album is titled “I AM YOURS” and expected to drop in September, what do we expect from the project. Give us a brief highlight and the reason for the choice of name “I AM YOURS”.
Ayo Vincent: The I am yours album will blow your mind. You will hear my heart. You will hear gospel music like you never heard it. Rock contemporary African soul R&B all the flavours blending beautifully. 
I AM YOURS: is a track from the album and it basically talks about our origin being from God. We belong to Him. Sums up my message nicely.


Trendwatchtv.com: What’s your take on the music industry in Nigeria, and what would you wish to change?
Ayo Vincent: Hmmm-loaded question. I would say we need to appreciate talented people more and allow them express themselves. We have too many clones. We also need to stop running people down. As far as structures in the industry we will get there. Things are changing.


Trendwatchtv.com: Please leave one tip you think is invaluable for aspiring/beginner singer/songwriters to know.
Ayo Vincent: Be you be sure be passionate learn all you can and trust God.

Trendwatchtv.com: Thank you very much Ayo Vincent for your time, we wish you the best in your upcoming album “I AM YOURS” as you prepare to blow our minds.

Ayo Vincent: Thanks.

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