Exclusive Interview:- Kiss Daniel Sets The Standard For 2015


Kiss Daniel (Woju Crooner)

1.) How did you Pull That off?

You Release your september 1, 2014 and since then it has grown to and grown to Dominate the West Africa Music scene at the moment.


Firstly , All Thanks to God almighty , The activation Team , big shout to the emperor Gezzy ,. please note and quote , an artiste is as good as his entire Team , it doesn’t just stop at just content making plugins is very important , Brand building , positioning and marketing the song and the content.

2.) whats the recipe behind making the song?

Before we do Music spotlight here at Naijaloaded , we do seriously review and opinion poll.. We were in a club on the Island and the WOJU was played back to back 4 Times and its was the same feeling from the beginning to the end.

well in the music kitchen we had Dj Coubloon , we also had Fioki on the guitar , music direction from Emperor gezzy. Mind you this is a song that was worked upon carefully before the labels approval.

3.) Tell us about kiss Daniel

You seems to have an appealing brand aside from having a biggest song in circulation.

Kiss is simple and easy going , i love playing video games , Am very shy so don’t mistake it for pride . a like to kick a constructive and educating conversation. I don’t like yes people .

4.) Whats you fashion taste bud like, can you give us an insight?

I like to tailor it simple , and also love to explore new type of stuff. You will never catch me over dressed.

5.) The name Kiss Daniel how did you come to bear the name?

Back during my university Days , i used to get a lot of female friends , not that i didn’t have male friends so not to get me wrong .

But then again i will girls drive me around campus , reserve me a sit in class and of that , but this very faithful while we were chilling waiting for lectures to start , One Drop dead gorgeous looking girl just walked up to me while i was with my friends and she said I like you , you look harmless can i kiss you and i was shocked just as everybody body there , believe they started kiss Daniel right from then.

6.) What do you consider your self, a recording or performing artiste and do you write your own songs?

I will like to consider myself more of a performing artiste . Am a studio genius at the same but i like to invoke a a lot of live performance into My studio tracks .

For Example fioki played the guitar in WOJU live all through. So i would like to say we are seasoned and quite productive at what we do.

7.) Your currently working on Remix with davido and Tiwa salvage …. When is that scheduled to drop and why the choice to both davido and tiwa?

Yes we are working on a remix which is almost out. i truly feel blessed to have greats and relevant acts on the same track.

8.) Give us an insight into your background (where are from, your parents, where did you grow up, education, and childhood)

I grew up pretty much in Ogun State but travel around nigeria and Diaspora during school breaks . My parents are from Ogun states. I attended Ogun international montessori nursery and primary school, Abeokuta grammar school and the Federal university of agriculture, Abeokuta, where he graduated 2013, as a water engineer. growing up was fun but the same time my parents paid huge attentions to education so we grew up reading a lot and accomplishing Task in the house everyday. I really appreciate my parents for opening my eyes to educational value and you do deal with and accommodate several personalities.

9.) Whats your Affiliation like in the Nigerian music circle?

Basically my primary Affiliation is with my record Label G worldwide entertainment owned by Emperor Gezzy , the Management company Raging entertainment New york.

Frontrunners like Olamide baddo has been very supportive , Davido forpr blessing the remix with a sick verse *wink* , Big shout out to Dj Jimmy matt, dj neptune , Dj spinal , DJ KAYWISE , 323 Entertainment Dj Coublon , fioki , pretty much.

10.) Where would we catch kiss Daniel on a friday or a saturday night?

We are people driven with passion and success but we sure have a taste for luxury .. we might really catch me in the club that much , but you might catch me a the wheat baker chilling creating new sounds.

11.) What Kind of music do you listen to, what inspires you?

I listen to all type of music as long as its good music . my source of inspiration is mainly from God. he only inspires me and gives me the go ahead. in olamde’s voice i only look up to God *smiles*

12.) I know your popularity level has grown to a great level , has the money started coming in as well because a lot of nigerian artiste fake making money ?

Music business is very Front loaded , A large level of investment has driven into the brand kiss daniel , in terms of content making and development. off course looking good is good business.

Logistics and plugins plus several others so return on investment is our primary objective at G worldwide entertainment. The accounts department can declare the state of Kiss daniels making money or not **smiles ** . but we are getting bookings from Africa and the Diaspora. But we will never Fake it , We are Real people .

13.) Last note what should we be expecting from KISS DANIEL after Woju?

Like i said earlier , we are people driven by passion , we have been recording , playing gigs, Please watch for remix support it and after the return of the iron monkey again ,,***laffing*****

Thanks for your time!!!

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