Exclusive Interview With Cynthia Morgan



My name is Cynthia Morgan and I am 23 years old.
I am a musician and I was raised by a single
mother, Sherifat Morgan She is a gospel artiste
based in Benin City, Edo State. I had a beautiful
childhood where my mum was firm yet loving; she
played the role of a father to my siblings and I. She
is my biggest fan. I haven’t completed my
university education. I took a break to concentrate
on my musical career.

Music for me began at the age of seven. I started
in the children’s choir, after which I moved to the
youth choir and later joined the Christian Union
choir. I began putting out music at the age of 16
and I recorded a six -track demo album. I released
my debut single with General Pype titled ‘Dotty
Stepping’ at the age of 17. In 2012, I met Jude
Okoye in Atlanta; he appreciated my talent, took an
interest in my career and signed me to his label,
Northside INC.

Gospel music
My mum is a gospel artiste, so she obviously
understands my craft. Many expected me to
become a gospel artiste like my mum but that isn’t
possible because that is not my calling. She
appreciates my style of music and is my greatest
fan. A lot of people do not know that I have an alter
ego which is the cool-headed Cynthia Morgan.

Queen Ure and I
I do not have much to say about her; she wanted
relevance and I gave it to her. I am actually very
glad I was able to help her because I gave her
more followers and exposure. She rode on my
fame to make a name for herself. How could she
claim to own a song that doesn’t exist on the

People who complain about my skin tone are
clearly those who do not know me very well. I did
not bleach my skin and one thing they fail to
understand is that you can’t remain the same
forever. The only constant thing in life is change
and I have grown into a beautiful young woman.

I am a proud, beautiful Nigerian lady who is
comfortable in her own skin. I am free to post
anything on the social media .Whatever I post
depends on my mood and what I would love to
share with my fans at that point in time. Anyone
who feels offended should unfollow me. I don’t
read the negative comments because it doesn’t
matter to me.

I am a distinct artiste who does not feel threatened
by any other female artiste. I believe in my talent
and my capabilities. I don’t see competition; all I
see are opportunities to excel in my craft and in
the Nigerian music industry. I don’t jump on the
bandwagon blindly; rather I set standards for
others to follow. I admire all the talented Nigerian
artistes who stand out.

My performance at the ‘Headies’ 2014 earned me
a standing ovation. My track KuchiKuchi was
featured on American music artiste, Gucci Mane’s
2013 March mix tape. The mix tape also featured
top American artistes like Lil Wayne, 2Chains,
Future and Waka Flocka

I am in a relationship with my music so I do not
have time for a lover at the moment. My man
needs to understand me perfectly and appreciate
my personality first as an artiste and then, as
Cynthia Morgan.

Prized possessions
I think my height and my talent are the greatest
assets I possess. I am unique in several ways..

I am crazy about colognes and wrist watches. The
most expensive item in my wardrobe is a
wristwatch which cost me N12m.

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