Exclusive Interview with Ini Edo – “I am just being me No Pretensions”


  1. Interview by:
    Kc Ejelonu a.k.a kcbabe64

    Ini Edo has been gracing the cover of Nigerian Movies for the past years now, she has been judged and said to be doing so many things in the papers.

    Also said to be taking over Genevieve Nnaji, but after trying to get her for a proper long chat despite her been busy and on location, we had time to chat for a long time. Here in her own words what she think of the press and her achievements so far in the Nigerian Movie Industry – NOLLYWOOD.
    This should be the longest interview so far she has had.

    KC: You are a busy lady

    INI: Its my job, I have to work hard to get what I want and fulfil my dreams.

    KC: True that, so how are you doing today.

    INI: Am doing all right, a bit tired because I have been working all day.

    KC: All will pay off sooner than you think. Where are you right now, on location?

    INI: Well, I just left on location now, and am headed to another one now.

    KC: What’s it like when you are on location, is it all fun or work. Or do you try and mix the two together?

    INI: I try and make it, but I work hard at the same time and you cant show a sign of tiredness or weakness to the director or producer. You need to have the energy to work so the director can capture that while shooting, or else you are not getting any other job.

    KC: When did you get into acting?

    INI: Two years ago

    KC: Not that long then, and you have made an impact and a name for yourself within that time.

    INI: If you want to do this, you have to be focused and you can sit down and watch everything grow.

    KC: What was your first movie?

    INI: Thick Madam
    KC: What course did you study in the university?

    INI: I have a diploma in Theatre Arts and I am still in the university of Calabar studying English, am currently in my 400 level. I want to improve on my English because I think I can do better and improve. Everyday I learn new things and make mistakes, but I make use of what I learn and improve on my mistakes.

    KC: That’s good; at least you have some background on theatre arts.

    INI: Yah I mean I love acting and showbiz in general, some people don’t do theatre arts or drama, so its either you have it in you or you don’t.

    KC: Where your parents supportive of you when you wanted to get into the movie industry?

    INI: Oh well, they didn’t take it kindly because it has to do with a lot of travelling and they didn’t like that too much. But they do understand where am coming from and know this is what I love, so they just have to support me in what ever it is I do.

    KC: How old are you?

    INI: Am not too old, just 22 years old.

    KC: Not bad, so where do you hail from?

    INI: Akwa-Ibom, hope you know where that is.

    KC: Yah I do, aint been there though.
    When you where young, what did you hope to become in future?

    INI: That was something I didn’t even think about.

    KC: Ok, so if you where not into acting right now, what would you be doing?

    INI: Been in the Media house, the whole show business in general. I love it

    KC: I heard you where banned for six months, is that true?

    INI: Yes, but that didn’t hold for the whole six months though.

    KC: And apparently from what I read, you where banned because of your dressing, you where coming to locations dressed in a raunchy manner more like a prostitute. What do you have to say to that?

    INI: That is just a crazy and extreme accusation. Firstly, they didn’t know me to just judge me like that by what I am putting on, but I guess that is Nigeria for you. But seriously though, I wear what I am comfortable with, that shouldn’t really bother anyone, I mix my clothes to feel good with myself. If they walk down the streets and see someone wearing the same clothes as me, they wouldn’t refer to the person the way they are referring to me. Its just because I am in the public eye and everyone is watching you. But I wear what I am comfortable with, if just one person don’t like it, well too bad. I am not going to change myself for anyone; it’s all about me been happy and comfortable.

    KC: Well said. If you could describe yourself, how would you say INI EDO is?

    INI: Well INI EDO is a determined, nice, friendly, strong and God-Fairing person. Just been me.

    KC: How many movies have you done till date?

    INI: I guess about 30 I can’t really keep up.

    KC: What are your new movies we should look out for?

    INI: BEAUTIFUL FACES, ONE GOD ONE NATION that I just finished shooting with CHIKA IKE. I can’t really remember the name, but will keep you updated on that.

    KC: All right, so moving to a more personal side now. Is Ini in any relationship at the moment?

    INI: Yes, but will rather not talk about it.

    KC: What is the craziest thing you have heard about you in the papers.

    INI: Now as for this, the papers come up with different stories just for their sales, I understand that but again, they don’t really care about how the person they are talking about feels about that. But yet again, when I hear stuff or I read stuff and its not true, I just laugh.

    There was one which I found funny, they papers carried it that I snatched someone’s husband.

    KC: And what is the craziest thing a fan has done?

    INI: I was in front of a store one day, and this lady came up to me, she said she stays in Europe, she was wearing a pink and white pendant. Guess what she did?
    KC: What? Told you she is a lesbian?

    INI: (Laughter) No, she actually cut the pendant off her neck and gave it to me. That was really sweet of her, at least there are still good people in this world like that lady.

    KC: Wow, that is so sweet.
    What is your favourite drink and food?

    INI: I love any energy drink and I love my Indomine.

    KC: Gurl, you are still eating that stuff. I hear that it was killing people in Nigeria.

    INI: Forget that thing my girl, I have been eating that since I was a little girl and nothing has happened to me.

    KC: I see, proper Nigerian babe. What clubs do you like and where do you go to relax?

    INI: (Laughter) Well am not really the going out person, I prefer staying at home. But my friends are always taking me out when ever they are going clubbing. And so far I think PLANET 44 is a cool place.

    KC: That is also known as EXTREME right?

    INI: Yes, I mean I use to love the club that caught fire I think last year, but I hear they are building it back. What do you think of Planet 44 when you came during the Christmas period?

    KC: Planet 44 is a nice club, was in there more than 4 times I think.
    How do you feel when you are somewhere and someone recognises you?

    INI: It’s crazy, there was a time I left one location and was in the car with my crew, some secondary school kids followed my car for 10 minutes. And there was traffic so I could not escape them, but am getting use to it.

    KC: You are a beautiful young lady, black lovely shinning skin what’s your secret.

    INI: Eating right and drinking lots of water.

    KC: About your complexion, people are linking you to Genevieve Nnaji and most people say you are taking over her, what you got to say about that?

    INI: I lover her, she is my friend. But here is the thing, I am myself and she is herself. There is nothing like I am taking over her, she is an actress so am I. Just because her face was gracing the movie covers for the past 2 years or so, and min is now, that does not mean I am taking over.

    KC: What should the fans be expecting from INI EDO in the near future and this year also?

    INI: I improve everyday, so they should be expecting a more improved Ini Edo, with new lights and a brighter vision to what I am doing.

    KC: Most of the last G5 list are now seen or have added something to go with their acting job. Some say they are singers and all that. Do you see yourself going into the music industry?

    INI: My dear sis, I don’t have a good voice oh. Though I love singing you know when you are having your bath and listening to a song, when you hear a song come on the radio, but definitely not in that line as others are taking their singing career. Everybody wants to everything, which is good, but I do what I like, instead of doing it just to add to your profile or something.
    Still music is not my line, though it would be a nice thing to do, but not just my direction.

    KC: That’s good to hear, stick with what you know and love.

    INI: You know

    KC: So are you a model, or have you don any modelling jobs? Because I could see during my stay in Nigeria, almost everyone is gracing the billboards now.

    INI: I actually have a contract, its still hanging though. Because there is a lot of things to consider if you want to model. So I want to work on my weight?

    KC: Did I hear you say your weight?

    INI: (Laughter) Yes o, ok I am not skinny.

    KC: (Cutting in her conversation) But you know you don’t really need to be skinny to model. I mean I am not skinny neither am I fat. So you shouldn’t really go that far.

    INI: My dear, this is what I want to do, its my own choice. So its not as if I am slimming for someone else.
    KC: True that, but I still agree and strongly think that as long as you are happy and comfortable with the way you are, you don’t need to lose weight. I mean we now have plus size models in the fashion industry.

    INI: Some people will agree with you and some wont. Some people want to do it for themselves and feel happy. So as long as you are happy, then you are sorted.

    KC: Yah, then am sure the fans can not wait to see you do your thing. Speaking of the fans or rather the public. They want to know where you are living, who you are dating, your past and all that, mainly because you are famous. Do you think or feel like you owe that much?

    INI: No, But I keep my private life and affair to myself and I treasure that so much.

    KC: Why do you feel like you don’t owe them?

    INI: I mean I am in the public eye’s yes. You watch my films; I do more films for you to keep you entertained. I have interviews with the media so you can read about what is going on and what I have to say. But I have a life outside the movie world; I also have friends and family and loved ones. The character I play is not me. I have to leave my life the way they are living theirs. So it’s a 2-way thing, I do something for you and you let me do me.

    KC: Well said, so do you have time to rest at all because you are always moving from one location to another?

    INI: I try Gladys,(a.k.a -kcbabe64) because you have to be strong and work even harder you know. But I try and rest during my own time though.

    KC: Who do you look up to, or who inspire you?

    INI: I think you should know, the one and only JOKE SILVA.

    KC: Well babe its been nice chatting with you today. Getting late I need to go sleep.

    INI: Same here. My fans should watch out for my site that will be coming soon. Gladys here will keep you updated on things.

    KC: Sure will. Take care and keep on shooting em movies.

    INI: I will, thanks. Bye

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