From N19,800 to N5m, SUV, Recording contract and Fame; Okiemute Ighorodje, 2016 MTN Project Fame Winner


From N19,800 to N5m, SUV and recording contract and fame. Okiemute Ighorodje, 2016 MTN Project fame season 9 winner. Young, smart and intelligent young lady with a gifted voice. From earning just N19,800 NYSC allowance some few months back to becoming famous on Nigerian music scene. Writing her name in the sands of time on MTN space and Nigerian, African and world airspace.

I could remember when I first met her late last year. I was posted to the same PPA (school) she was as corp member. So all of us na corpers. With that her energy and vibrant personality, she tried to make us new corpers comfortable. As time went on, I discovered she was a singer. Infact not just ordinary singer, but better singer for that matter ooo! But she was unknown, struggling to make her mark and find her way to the top. With that her swaggalicious NYSC kaki, matching it with that her designer black canvas like a tom boy. She would entertain us with her funny jokes. Trust urhobo girls na.

Few times she would leave for auditions and gigs in Port Harcourt city. Few didn’t even give her the attention. Some would think she was too ambitious. But not at all. She’s a hard worker with a resilient spirit. Never giving up.

I could remember an occasion in which the NYSC local Government inspector (LI) came to our PPA and didn’t find her on ground. Obviously okiemute has gone for an audition. She was slammed with query. Principal sef para. But Okiemute didn’t allow all that to deter her from what she was doing. Just like my friend Eghobaba would say “who query epp?” shey na N19,800 go feed me! After NYSC what next? Will FG still be feeding her?  Oboy forget that thing. My girl Okiemute no wan hear. She no gree ooo.  “Na who query epp?”  She continued striving.

By March 2016, she (Okiemute) went was part of the contestants that was sponsored by Airtel to South Africa for a singing competition. Chaiii, hustle don dey pay. She was edging closer to fame.

okiemute as a corper

okiemute as a corper

Immediately she came back from South Africa, I watched as she inspired her students, her testimony was encouraging and motivating to her students. She spoke on how she had been down casted, mocked and pushed away during auditions, but she never gave up. She was persistent, resilient but never gave up. And finally, the singing took her to South Africa.

I was motivated as she talked. Students were motivated too as they clapped. So many felt that would be the best she would get to. But not at all, She was still pushing forward.

Fast forward to few months later, she had passed out of NYSC. She was still pushing. Before we knew it, Okiemute don enter project fame Academy. “She go even fit win?” some will ask. Well Okiemute has replied. On 24/09/2016 Okiemute won the 2016 MTN Project fame season 9. She don win oooo. From N19,800 to N5m, SUV and recording contract and appearance that took her to fame land.

Some of the qualities I like about Okiemute are her drive, passion, the “not giving up” spirit. Her resilient nature is great. I must say, congratulations to Okiemute. I celebrate you.


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