Here’s what happened when Cardi B & Nicki Minaj saw each other at the met gala


Nicki And Cardi Kick It At The Met Gala

Have hip-hop’s biggest divas just buried the hatchet?

It’s no secret that there’s some sour grapes between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj — though neither one will outwardly say anything directly to or about the other. But with fans stepping in with sick slick talk and third parties constantly jumping in to stir the pot further, it seemed their beef was at a fever pitch.

That’s why some fans were shocked to see the two seemingly exchanging niceties at the Met Gala earlier this evening.

They even posed for flicks together with other partygoers.

This pic has Twitter in a frenzy #BlackExcellence

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Welp, motorsport turned out to be quite a big point of drama for these two…but now that they’re seemingly on DECENT terms, maybe we can look forward to a future collab?? Here’s hoping…

ICYMI, the 2018 Met Gala kicked off earlier today and the red carpet was nothing short of ~fire~

…But the drama didn’t stop at the red carpet.

Fans took to Twitter to call Nicki Minaj out for throwing shade at Cardi B during an interview on the red carpet. When a reporter asked the rapper why she chose to go as a “temptress” to the gala, Nicki responded by saying: “You know what, because I’m the bad guy, and I wanted to make sure the bad guy was here,” before plugging the release date of her upcoming album Queen.

While it does sound like Nicki was taking aim at someone during the interview, a photographer caught Nicki and Cardi mid run-in and by the looks it, there’s no beef between these fellow rappers!

Cardi attended the Met Gala with the designer of her incredible gown, Jeremy Scott, who also happens to be a close friend of Nicki’s.

Did Jeremy bridge the gap between these fueding rappers?

We’d be quite happy for these two queens to call it even and go back to being friends.


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