How the music industry, surgery affected my music career- Ketchup


Dancehall music exponent, Ketchup, may not be as popular as he once was when his hit singles, Show me your rozay and pam pam rocked the airwaves; but the reason behind his silence in the music industry has been a mystery to everyone. In an exclusive chat with Showtime, he explained that the Nigerian music industry, the loss of his dad, family commitments and medical surgery have all had a negative effect on his music career.

“When I dropped ‘Show me your rozay’, it was like a national anthem in Nigeria at that time. There are a lot of things that you can’t explain to everybody; when I dropped Show me your rozay I lost my dad; I’m from an Igbo family and I’m the first child and I had to go through surgery on my right leg. The doctor was like if I don’t do this surgery I won’t dance again ever, and dancing is my life. I was a little drawn back at the time because Show me your rozay was a little faster than me at that time. I had to attend to family and my health at the same time, I wasn’t really out there as I should have been. That’s why sometimes I like to introduce myself when I meet people, so that’s one of the complications I think affected me as an artiste. The industry also ran me down a lot of times when I was trying to push my music and nobody knew what I actually looked like, some people thought I was Jamaican because my music was out there but you wouldn’t know it’s me”, he lamented.

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