I almost committed suicide, But God gave me a Second Chance – Julius Agwu


Ace Nigerian comedian, Julius Agwu, has shared details about his near-death experience after it was discovered that he had three tumours in his brain.

The entertainer who was off the radar for the greater part of 2015 and 2016 revealed touching details of his travails in a new video. The father of two was interviewed alongside his wife, Ibiere, and older sister, Theresa Agwu.

He said 2016 was a tough year for him after the tumours were discovered; but thankfully, with the help of doctors and the support of his family, he had a successful brain surgery.

“There were tumours in my brain. Every breath I took felt like my last. I almost died but my late father told me to go back. I had three tumours in my brain, all I remember was seeing my father who died in 2002 telling me to go back,” he said.

Julius stated that he had completed a thanksgiving song, adding, “We decided to go to America and I was told that I had three tumours, one at the back, which was like a golf ball and two others were inside my brain. We started looking for my documents. At a point, I almost committed suicide.”

His wife said, “He was gasping for air, so it was almost like every breath he took was going to be his last. I was with him when it started, I was talking to him and he just began to look up, I called the doctor, and on the way to the hospital, he had a seizure.

“It got to a point that everything just stopped, I began thinking, so I will be a widow, when I get back home, what do I tell my kids, what do I tell everyone at home when I get back? Those thoughts kept coming, I began to pray, and even the doctor started praying with me, but after a while, Julius who couldn’t move his body, moved his hands and I was shocked.”

Julius’ sister also noted, “They had said we should take him to the mortuary, but he is a good man and I had a feeling that because of his good works, God will not let him die.”

Speaking further, Julius said, “After that experience, I decided to do a thanksgiving song. My covenant to God for saving me, is to glorify Him, with all my platforms and everything I have.”

After a series of tests in 2015, two lumps were discovered in Julius’ brain for the first time. He was operated on for about 4 hours on May 12, 2015, at the Park Plaza Hospital in Houston Texas, United States of America.

Upon being discharged, Julius rested in the U.S. for some time before returning home recently.

He celebrated his birthday in April 2015. Since then, he has pretty much been off the radar. Fans of the comedian offered prayers on Instagram for his safe return.

In August 2016, news made the rounds that he was seriously ill and hospitalised again for brain tumour relapse; but his wife, in a statement via Instagram, debunked the reports, insisting he was fine.

In the same vein, his manager, Bishop, debunked the rumour saying the comedian was hospitalised by his doctors in the United Kingdom for stress and not for a brain-related issue.

Also an actor, Julius is known for his roles in movies like Wives on Strike, After Count, Lagos Boys and Torn.

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