I don’t blame artistes who walk out of award ceremonies – YQ


This is a season of awards when honour is given to those it’s ‘due’ to. It is also a time when celebs, like disgruntled politicians who have lost elections, take to their social media platforms to cast aspersions on, and castigate award organisers when they do not pick awards.

Showtime recently had a chat with ‘I like Girls’ crooner, YQ, and we asked for his opinion on this. In his words, ‘We’re all humans, and we have different ways of reacting to things. Some feel they’ve worked very hard to deserve the award, while some feel they were robbed. I won’t blame the people who do that, and I wouldn’t blame the organisers as well.’

On if he has ever been in a situation where he expected to grab an award, but didn’t get it, he responded with a wry smile. ‘Severally; in fact, over 25 times. Sometimes I even get so angry, but it’s all good. As long as you’re nominated, it means you’re recognised.’ Often seen with Jaywon at events, we asked if Jaywon is his closest friend in the industry, and he said, ‘I have very few close friends, but yes, I’m very close to Jaywon. He’s like a brother to me. We have a chemistry and understand ourselves.’

He also revealed that the both of them are working on something together, and it would be made known to the public soon.

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