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I Felt Like Dying When a Fan Told Me I Was Ugly – Comedian, Omo Baba


Olufemi-Fagade-aka-Omo-BabaNigerian stand-up comedian Omo Baba has gotten a lot of digs about his facial features and more often than not he uses it as a source of some of his jokes on stage.

In a chat with Telegraph Newspaper however, the comedian who recently proposed to his girlfriend of six years shared his most embarrassing moment and according to him it was a few years back when a fan told him he was ugly.

Read excerpts from his interview below.

On his worst memory: When I was working in 2003, a fan told me boldly that I was so ugly. I felt like dying because I always see myself as a fine boy. So when people started telling me the same thing, I just told them that even though I am ugly they can still call me ‘fine boy’. That was how the fine boy thing began. It is like a blessing in disguise.

On meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan recently with other entertainers: He demanded to see entertainers in Nollywood, music industry and comedians too. I got a call and I honoured it. That was all. [He] let us know what he has done, his plans if re-elected and other things about governance. He tried to shed light on some issues he felt the public had misinterpreted or are misinterpreting.

On proposing to his girlfriend after 6 years: Fans have been asking me since 2002 when I would get married, but I am the advocate of ‘get married, stay married’. I feel it is the time for me to do the right thing, not because I want to be like others. Marriage is never too late. I see younger and older ones getting married every day and I have anchored over 500 weddings, so I believe I can advise couples even though I am not married yet.

On his music: Like they say, ‘Jack of all trade, master of none’. For you to have a say in a particular field, one needs to start with one before introducing the others. And it appeared comedy came first for me. Most people don’t even know I have been acting before comedy. In 2009, I had singles with the late Dagrin, Terry G, 9ice, Eldee among others. I would soon drop an album. If you take things steadily, then you can be ‘Jack of all trade, master of all’. Most of the jobs and invitations I get now are as a comedian. I am not trying to rubbish Nollywood people or musicians but I can act and sing well.

You can read up his full interview here.

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