I found my wife- BBA winner Idris finds love with Diamond's ex, Wema Sepetu


By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

When Idris became the first East African to win the Big Brother Africa grand prize of $300000, many thought he would ditch the single bachelor’s life and settle with Samantha his fellow big brother contestant.

Wema and Idris

A few months of dating and travelling across East and South Africa, and the love birds called it quits. “Single | Happy | Positive” Idris had shared in revelation of his new status.

Fast forward to December and he posted some photos of Wema Sepetu who is Diamond’s ex-girlfriend with emotional messages to it. While fans kept wondering what was brewing between the two stars, Idris finally laid speculations to rest, even calling Wema “his wife.”

In an emotional message, this is what Idris said;

Me and You are not the ordinary. I sleep, eat, talk and wake up to only thinking about you. As much as utadhani kuwa you are blessed to have me no, no i am blessed to have you. At 1st it was weird me kuangalia ndani ya kabati langu kuona nguo zako na viatu,,,When you’re jealous unasonya sonya, when am jealous I smile. I would move mountains and planets just to make you happy. I will protect you, love you, spoil you, fight with you, cook with you, watch movies together, drive at night for no reason, sit with you and just stare at the stars.”

You’re more than I ever asked for, you’re my everything “My Wife”, Idris said, affirming the he and Wema were in a relationship.

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