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I go Dye: The fabulous lifestyle of a comedian


It is no doubt that ‘I Go Dye’ is living a fabulous dream of wealth, fame and splendour. His story to glory is that of someone who had a beautiful dream, but didn’t leave it at the dream stage.

He woke up to make the dream a reality by being consistent and persistent at what he knew how to do best. His stage name was derived from his surname, ‘AGODA’ and even though he is not the most amazingly looking guy in the industry, he is a wealthy man and earns millions of naira per show.

I Go Dye has made so much money as a comedian and from his Construction Engineering Outfit.

At a very young age, he invented A Flying Helicopter, a Hover craft ship, A Radio transmitter and battery table Fan. These inventions earned him a scholarship to study structural engineering at a New York university, but he declined the scholarship. Despite the fact that the decision was frowned at by his parents, I Go Dye moved on with his life knowing that travelling abroad at that age may not be the best decision.

He eventually ended up in comedy as he had always dreamed of. Today, he is living a dream-come-true life by making people laugh while raking millions into the banks. In this edition, we present to you, I Go Dye who despite every odd became what he had dreamt of becoming.

Francis Agoda was born more than 35 years ago to Mr and Mrs Fredrick Agoda on April 4, 1979 in Abraka, Ethiope East local Government Area of Delta State. He is Urhobo by tribe. He completed his Primary Education at Ighogbadu Primary School, Warri, while his secondary education was at College of Commerce, Warri Metropolis.

I Go Dye was the zonal project manager of Junior Engineering Technical Society known as JET Club at College of Commerce.

He later joined the Press Literary Debating and Drama Society as he was their Programme director at PLADDS. His love for stage comedy started at that time, even though it was alien to his friends and class mates.

His stage comedy was a wonder to his mates which was one of the reasons he was asked to join PLADDS in the first place. So it was during this period that he perfected the craft of stand-up comedy as his was in-born.

The star took his stage comedy to different schools for fun as the case may be until he became the master of his art.

I Go Dye actually started streaming comedy life in Delta TV in 1991 on a DTV Top Show with a popular veteran Journalist known as Tunde Omonode, who is also a musician.

I Go Dye was a co-host presenter of the program called Mock News. The segment was so exceptional that it became the best show on TV every Saturday and it remains a milestone till date.

I Go Dye was a co-host presenter of the program called Mock News. The segment was so exceptional that it became the best show on TV every Saturday and it remains a milestone till date.

I Go Dye got into the business of comedy after he finished from Secondary school. He got a contract to perform at the first comedy club in Nigeria at Prest Motel, Benin City, Edo state where he was paid one thousand naira per show.

I Go Dye was rejected 4 times by the organizers of the show. Subsequently, he got a deal from Opa Williams himself to perform at a Pre-Reel award just to see his performance that wooed the audience.

He was signed on to perform at the next year’s Nite of Thousand Laughs. In the same Nite of a Thousand Laughs, he was presented a special award as the most outstanding comedian that has featured in the show.

Subsequently, he got hyped on TV and when he performed in shows at the University of Benin, where he met a certain famous comedian known as Baba Kome. Baba Kome shared the idea of performing at the Nite of a Thousand Laughs with him and he jumped at the idea and went for the audition.

I GO Dye has transformed the comedy business and he isn’t stopping any time soon. His kind of comedy couldn’t be bottled as he has taken it around the world while raking in millions of naira.

Today, there is no way African comedy can be written without establishing the fact that I Go Dye was there. He has featured in all the biggest comedy shows in Nigeria, including MTV Base and more. He has also featured in the opening and closing shows for world renowned Artists. I Go Dye won the best Niger-Delta Comedian and many other awards.

Investments : Through his Engineering Construction firm, I Go Dye has received contracts from some states which has fetched him millions of naira profit. He is also hosting shows for the very rich and mighty in the society raking in million of naira per each show. He charges over a million naira per show and these shows come frequently.

Houses When it comes to houses, I Go Dye dreamt of living in mansions and castles. It is not a surprising that he is building castles all over the place. He has one out-of-this-world mansion in Benin City and another on the way to completion.

Cars His love for expensive cars is evident in the choice of cars he drives. In his large garage, the likes of the Rose Royce Phantom, Range Rovers sports, the Bentley and the BMW, are found there. There is no doubt that this star loves what money can buy.

Clothes, shoes, perfumes I Go Dye is a freak of good, expensive shoes, this is evident in his wardrobe. He loves flashy, expensive suits. There is never a dull moment each time he steps on the red carpet.

Charity He may not have a foundation, but he gives a helping hand when he sees a brother in need.

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