‘I Have No Housemaid, I Wash Plates And Toilet In My House’ – Zack Orji


zack-orjiPopular Nollywood actor, Zack Orji, has stated that he does not discrimante in his house as he also participates in the tidying up of his house.

Mr. Orji, while speaking in an interview with Punch newspaper, noted that a man should be willing to work in his house.

He said, “I did domestic chores and I still do. In fact, my son slept on my chest the day they returned from the hospital. For me, a man should be willing to do housework because it is his house.

“I wash the dishes sometimes. It is not about showing love for one’s wife or one’s family. I just believe that since it is my house, it is something I should do.

“Also, when the children see such a thing, they will endeavour to emulate it. It will become a habit.

“Sometimes, whenever my children are reading, I will pack my plates myself to the kitchen after eating rather than disturb their reading. We have no house maids. My children sweep, cook and do other house chores.

“There are no cut-out roles for my wife or anybody in my house. There is no rule that says my wife must cook or do other things. I wash the toilet sometimes since everything one needs to clean the toilet is there.”

Like Father, Like Son! This Photo Of Zack Orji And Son Is Everything

 Zack Orji nd son

Veteran actor, Zack Orji and his son look so dapper in black and white!


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