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Interview: I love children a lot –Tuface


He is hot,  very talented, easy going and humble. Innocent Ujah Idibia popularly known as Tuface Idibia, is the rave of the moment in the Nigerian music scene.  In this chat withLucy Ezeliora in Asaba, Delta State, the award winning Singer and writer talks about his career, matrimony and other issues. Sit back, relax and enjoy this exclusive interview.

On stage you just confirmed to your fans that marriage hasn’t changed you. So what has since you got married?

Nothing really, except for my marital status. I am still my old jolly good fellow.  However, I am now more responsible. Unlike when I was single, when I could  chill out or sleep in hotels.

How are you coping with married life?

Very fine as God would have it. I have been busy with shows, putting things right and taking care of my wife. Although she understands me more than any one else, person in this world, I still need to take care of her; she is my responsibility.

Are you still in contact with the mothers of your other children?

Yes, I still visit them; play my role as a father and a partner to them.  Remember, they are also my children and their mothers, my good friends.

Do you wish for more children?

Why not? God gives children; I don’t give children so why won’t I have more kids? I love children a lot.  Am I not a man?  I have what it takes to take care for as many children as possible. I often wish it didn’t happen this way, but I don’t regret anything. I wish it was different, and I could wake up every morning and see all of them but that’s not the case right now. Sometimes for weeks or months, I don’t see them. Its not easy but as you lay your bed, so you sleep on it.

A lot of people are saying, Annie was the one behind your grand wedding, that you would have preferred a secret wedding to avoid tongues waggling? 

It is their business, Are they 2face? I hate hear say a lot and that is why I don’t mind what people say to me; I just act. They will always say that about the woman. Naturally, women decide everything; so it is natural for people to assume that. It definitely wasn’t going to be a low-keyed wedding but something not too grand.  If they say Annie wanted it to be grand, it’s not true because we already had our plan, budget and the number of people we were going to invite. It just happened that the number quadrupled, I mean even ten times the amount of people we prepared for.

Let us talk about your Old friends, like Blackface and Faze, do you keep in touch with them also?

Yes, they are still my pals and colleagues in the industry.  Once in a while we meet, but we’re not always together as before but we still party and enjoy our selves.

The style and the crossover ability of your music cannot be compared to any artist in the world. What exactly inspires your lyrics?

It’s God first. I just want people to see me and know that God exists.  I started from no where and today, the world is talking about me. So who do I give thanks to? It’s God and my fans. I mean my Nigerian fans they are exceptionally wonderful. Each time I stand to perform and see how the crowd screams out my songs I give thanks to God.

Let talk about, the MTV Europe Music Awards. Do you think it had any remarkable impact on your career as a musician.

So much impact. it opened many doors for me internationally and locally.  That means my music is being enjoyed by the whole world. So it was a great plus to 2face.

As a famous artiste in the Nigerian Entertainment industry, how would you rate the growth of entertainment in Nigeria?

We have gone very far, sincerely, very far. At times when I listen to some Nigerian songs, I wonder if it was really sang by Nigerians or foreign artists because of the lyrics of the songs.  People no longer listen to foreign music in clubs and parties.

We have progresses in so many areas. Our entertainment industry is expanding everyday.  A lot of people are becoming more interested in the industry now, in terms of artiste managers, PR, entertainment lawyers, A&R people and all those ‘know-how’ that many people did not care about before. Also, in terms of piracy and regulation of the music laws and intellectual property laws and all that, I believe we are still struggleing hard to restructure that aspect.

When did your first song come out? And how did you explore

I think when my first solo album came out, the combination of me, my talent and Kennis Music at that time was explosive. So once that album came out, there was no going back. It was just explosive. After the MTV Europe Music Awards, the arrival of MTV in Africa, plus a lot of other factors, I think it just skyrocketed

Do you think your marriage or marital status will affect you in making a new record?

It’s not going to affect it in any way. I’ll tell you this, first and foremost, music is serious business. You have to know that you can’t know everything so you’ll have to get one or two persons with talents that can cover the aspects that you are lacking. You have to be able to work with people and you have to be able to allow the people you bring in do the work.  Very important is, respecting people and God.

What should we look forward to?

More mature music. I’m going very spiritual this time around. It’s not like I’m not going to keep maintaining the pop appeal in the music but this is going to be the deepest that I have ever gone.

What is your relationship with D’banj?

Na my paddy now! He is my very good friend, what else do you want me to say? We have performed in so many shows together, danced together, party together and won so many awards. So we are very close.

Have you ever been in a situation where you arre at an award show, expecting to win a particular award and they mention the winner and it’s not you?

Yes, I think I have been in one or two awards that I didn’t win. So it’s not a must that I must win every award I was norminated for. Remember there other artists that sing better than I do.  It is not a new thing at all.

When you flash back to your beginning, what comes to your mind?

Back then, we were on the ground already so there was no fear of losing anything so what we were doing, was hoping that it will work out. There was no fear of ‘what if e no work out. Nothing dey work out already so we no fear whether something no dey work out’. But for me, I never ever at any point in my life thought of doing anything else so there was no going back. This is me, this is my life, this is what I want to do. I never ever dreamt of anything else in my life.

Unlike your other colleagues, I see you are wearing your wedding ring. 

My sister it was not easy initially (Laughs. Sincerely it isn’t as if I don’t like wearing it, but I keep forgetting. Sometimes, somewhere and I don’t even think about it and then someone makes a comment about it and realise I’m wearing it. It feels good honestly especially if it’s with somebody you actually know, understand, comfortable with, being around, someone who gives you hope and peace.

Do you miss your privacy?

I don’t even have time to miss it again because it’s gone.

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