Kwam 1 Showcase his beautiful mansion and exotic animals, He Reveals that “I made my first million at 19 – Kwam 1”


The music star prides himself as the king of Fuji music in Nigeria. King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall’s name will continue to be a household name in as much as Fuji music keeps being relevant in our society. He has set a good record and has been able to create a niche for himself as far as music is concerned. There are so many interesting facts about Kwam 1, there are many sides to this music star. This post will however, expose another side of him to you. Kwam 1 has a beautiful mansion in his home country in Ijebu-ode. He keeps different animals there as pets. The following pictures show the star, his mansion and the exotic pets he has:

1. Peacocks

Kwam 1 shows off his beautiful mansion and exotic animals

2. Beautiful House

Kwam 1 shows off his beautiful mansion and exotic animals

With Ostrich

Kwam 1 shows off his beautiful mansion and exotic animals


Kwam 1 shows off his beautiful mansion and exotic animals

Classic Country Home

Kwam 1 shows off his beautiful mansion and exotic animals

 By CHRISTY ANYANWU: Reveals, I made my first million at 19 – Kwam 1

Fuji sensation, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal a.k.a Kwam 1, is indeed homely, down to earth and unassuming as he welcomed me to his Ijebu Ode country home lately. Ayinde who recently clocked 60 years talked to Sunday Sun about his firsts. Excerpts:

Your first day on stage?
As a professional, I started when I was 15 and ever since I have been doing music.
First big break?
It was an event I went for on the Island and definitely a lot of people were there. A lot of my mates, junior ones and senior ones. Some saw me and said, “Oh, he is playing music” and those that saw me later said “oh, we saw you on stage”. Instantly, I became a role model for them. Everybody wants to be like me.
First car?
My first car was a Volkswagen Beetle 1300. I dashed it out when I got another car.
First pet?
A pussycat, that was the first pet I got. It’s colours were white and black. But it died.
First million?
I made my first million naira when I was 19 years. Aside music, I was a Customs clearing agent at Apapa Wharf then.
First album?
My first album was made in 1979. It was titled, Iba. When we first came out, we also appealed to people like “I throw my respect o.”
First musical video?
I think it was from my second album I made my first musical video. It was titled, Talazo.
Ever smoked cigarettes?
I was 18 years and I never liked it. I coughed terribly. I stopped and I didn’t try smoking since then.
First drink?
I enjoy myself. I love my Chelsea.
First girlfriend?
My first girlfriend gave birth to my first child and that was 40 years ago. I was living at Isale Eko then.
First trip abroad?
That was in 1976. It was beautiful and out of this world. I felt good.
First designer wear and watch?
It was by Dakova, my friend. I also love Vivid Imagination, my friend too. My first designer’s watch was by Piaget Abel.

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