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I respect Ali Baba but AY is junior to me –Omobaba


OmobabaOmobaba talks about his life and career in this interview with Kemi Vaughan

Were you born ‘Omobaba’?

My name is Fagade Oluwafemi Ademola, Kelvin Jnr. If you don’t mind, I’m a comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that’s what I do for a living.

Why Kelvin Jnr?

Kelvin is my English name, and the ‘junior’ came from Ademola because my dad is Ademola and I’m the last of five kids.

Much has not been heard about Omobaba lately; what have you been up to?

I’ve been around doing a lot of stuffs. I don’t know the TV you have been watching or maybe it’s because I stopped doing free shows. Well, Omobaba has a platform for new comedians and established ones. He has a talk show, runs a comedy show called ‘Unknot your tie with Omobaba’ which runs every week and is not easy to do. My album is also ready. I’ve been in the studio recording my album which is, about to go into the market. I’ve also been busy doing my TV show.

Why don’t you do ‘free shows’?

All the shows you see on TV, we do them based on relationships majorly. Not all of them are paid for. Also, it might be because I’m being paid more somewhere on that same day and wouldn’t be able to make it to the other. But really, I’m on some of them.

Still on ‘free shows’ are you referring to shows like ‘AY Live’, Bovi’s ‘Man on fire’ and the rest?

Don’t get me wrong. There are a whole lot of shows out there, not just AY Live, but if I’m on AY’s show, you don’t expect him to pay me the exact amount I charge. He’s a friend and a brother in the industry, so we always do ‘padi padi’.

Are you saying AY can’t pay you?

He can’t! Why would he pay me? how can he pay me? He can’t pay me.

Are you saying that AY cannot afford you?

AY is a comedian and he is doing well for himself, which I’m very happy for, but the fact is AY is a junior colleague to me in the industry.

To some people, you are a business man, an actor, a musician also. What exactly do you do?

Simply call me a man of many talents. To some, God has given four, three, two and even one. It depends on how well you can manage them. I’m an actor, a writer, a comedian, a musician and I’m a business man. I’m not confused; I’m just making good use of my talents.

Considering the fact that you have been in the industry for over 10 years and some people think you should have enough money to manage a home, why are you not married?

When the time comes, I’ll get married. I’m seeing somebody now anyway and we’ve been together for a while, but I don’t want her to be known because she’s not the publicity-seeking type. I see the way some people bring their private life to the public, making fools of themselves. Well, I’m not that kind of person and so is the person I’m seeing.

 But you are always seen with different girls at different shows…

Me! No. I don’t go to girls; they always come to me. Considering the fact that I am even finer now, girls just keep coming.

Describe your future wife.

She’s beautiful; she will help the future of my kids when it comes to looks.

Are you saying you are ugly?

I’m not, I’m a fine boy.

How do you feel when you see older artistes struggling to meet up with the younger ones?

I’ve always been relevant and I’m still relevant in the market. Besides, it’s the other way round in the comedy industry, unlike the music industry. The younger ones in comedy are striving to beat the records of the older ones in the industry. I mean jokes that were composed 10 years ago still make more meaning than the ones they are composing now. I’ll say I’m the middle man in the comedy industry, I didn’t start from the top and I’m not part of the last. I have bosses like Ali (Baba), Gbenga, Julius, T.A, Basorge, Okey Bakassi, Klint, Gandoki, Basket Mouth. I met those people in the industry and we are still doing very well. The upcoming ones are not bad, but we are not challenged. If you cannot afford me, that is why you are not seeing me or Koffi on the bill. So you go for a cheaper product which you can afford. Yes, because you will not see Ali Baba averywhere because he will charge you.

Is Alibaba better than you?

Yes he is! In fact he is a boss. He holds record of the comedian who has stayed on stage for  six good hours. I respect him a lot.

What  is your most embarrassing moment?

That wust be the day somebody looked at me and said I looked like 2Shots. How can anybody say I look like 2Shots? I’m way finer and taller than he is. It was quite embarrassing to me.

What if you are now compared to ‘I go die’

If someone compares me with ‘I go die’, I will die! In fact I will just die.

Do you have anything against him? Or is it that he is too ugly?

I’m finer, way finer. I will tweet it very soon, that if anyone compares me with ‘I go die’, I will die. That’s how painful it is.

How have you been able to avoid scandals?

Well I’ve learnt to cut my coat according to my cloth. To always be myself, and not try to be what I’m not.

What is next for you?

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