I started recording songs in primary school’ –Selebobo


OKU Udoka Chidozie, popularly known as Selebobo’s recent unveiling by Iyanya and his Triple MG group came as no surprise to many who have been following the young man’s fledging career.  The multi-talented entertainer has always been destined to do great things with music.Born into a music and artiste family, the Fine Arts undergraduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, gained wide acclaim for his hit banger, Yoyo, a track he later remixed to greater effect featuring J. Martins.Singing, however, is only one of his many amazing abilities as he is regarded in the industry as a top class producer despite being relatively young. His production of the multi-award winning hit, Ada by Flavour is an attestation of his prowess.

Having produced several other artistes, including writing and producing Yemi Alade’s Johnny, Selebobo has now pitched his tent with the ever-growing Made Men Music Group, a label owned by super star Iyanya and partner/manager, Ubi Franklin.

Selebobo, in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, revealed how he found his way to Triple MG, how his musical background helped shape his career and much more…

Selebobo (1)When did you move to Lagos?

I moved last year September. It’s not that I hadn’t been to Lagos, I always visited Lagos but I was not based here.  I only used to come to do some promo stuff and go back. I grew up in Enugu State and spent a long time there before I came to Lagos.

So, tell us about your family.

I am the seventh child of the family.  We are 12.  My daddy married three wives so I was born into a polygamous family.  My mom’s the third wife and I’m the first from her.

What about education?

I am still a student.  I am in my final year at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.  I’m studying Fine Arts.

You were born into a music family, when did you decide to follow your dad’s footsteps?

Yes, my dad is a musician.  He had a studio even before I was born.  It’s something that has been there.  I was born into music.  I had no choice than following the steps of my father which is what I love doing and have passion for.

So, you had your father’s encouragement?

Yes, my parents encouraged me.  They are all in support, unlike some artistes that often tell stories of how their parents did not support their career.  Mine is different.  They are fully in support of my music and they’re always there for me.

When did you drop your first single?

Really, I can’t remember the year.  I think it should be after my secondary school.  That was my first official single but that’s not the first song I recorded.  The first song I recorded was in primary school, but I didn’t drop it.  Recording, for me is not today’s thing.  It’s something that I have been doing over the years.

So, like how many songs did you drop before joining Triple MG?

I can’t count.  I have many songs but I will say I dropped three songs officially before Triple MG.  I want to start counting my career from that song, Yoyo that is a hit.  I dropped two after that before joining Triple MG.

selebHow did you find your way to Triple MG?

We started developing a relationship from last year and there was this chemistry because I actually wanted to work with Iyanya so we started as a family, from there I saw myself being signed.

Which other artistes have you worked with?

I’ve worked with a number of artistes. I worked with Yemi Alade, I produced and wrote Johnny.  I’ve worked for Flavour as well.  Most people don’t know that I’m the one that produced Ada Ada for Flavour.  I’ve worked with 2Shotz too. In fact, I’ve done a lot of jobs with many artistes.  Some of them would be coming your way soon.

What do you feel you’re adding to your new group?

I feel this is just the beginning.  I believe that as a different artiste on my own, I come with my uniqueness.  Everybody in the Triple MG is unique.  Iyanya is on his own, he has his style, Emma has hers, Basci has his different approach and I’m different.  Me added to the group is like another talent added.  It’s like stepping up the game of the crew, making it tighter.  We’re a team that brings different stuff together.

You are multi-talented…

(Cuts in) That’s what people say, I don’t say that.  I know I can do a lot of things though. I dance, I produce and mic. I mix all my productions. I sing, I rap as well but I haven’t shown that. I play the drums too.  I studied Fine Arts, I sculpt, I do 3D.  In fact, it’s okay.  The fact though is that I’m focused on the ones that I’m doing now which are production and singing.

Which do you enjoy doing most?

I enjoy doing all of them, but right now, I’m doing more of production and singing and directing artistes.  I arrange and write songs for artistes too.  There are times I draw and practice my Fine Arts skills. It’s not like I know all these and I don’t practice them.

How has the experience been since you joined Triple MG?

It’s been positive so far.  Joining the Triple MG crew has taught me a lot of things.  It showed me that teamwork can be possible. It showed me that there are many things to be achieved.  I’ll just say people should keep their ears to the ground, more things will come your way. I don’t want to sound boastful.

Do you feel pressured to beat what D’Tunes achieved with Iyanya?

I want to say I’m not in this industry for competition.  I respect D’Tunes, I respect other producers, Don Jazzy, Masterkraft, Del B all of them.  I love their works and I’m just here to do my work.  Music is universal and it has to do with sound.  You can’t be playing only one person’s song or only one person’s production.  You have to listen to other people.  I’m not under pressure at all.  My own is to do my work without looking at anybody. I don’t even think that’s why Triple MG signed me and that’s not why I agreed to be here. I’m just here to do the work.  I have passion for, that’s all.

So, who are your influences in the industry?

In the industry, I’ll say production wise, Don Jazzy.  I’ve been following him, I love his production.  I love what he does.  I think he’s a living legend and someone that I look up to. I also believe other producers and artistes also look up to him.  Then, I look up to my big brothers, P-Square.  I look up to them, the type of music they do is commercial stuff.  I’m also a big follower of Michael Jackson, rest in peace.  He’s a legend. I learnt his dance also.

So, who is your girlfriend?

Question!  My mom. I love my mom.

I know you love your mom, I love mine too but who is your girlfriend?

No comments on that, don’t worry.  If it’s a JAMB question let me fail it.  Put dash, I put empty space.

But how do you manage attention from ladies with your good looks and fame?

Every artiste has the same pressure from ladies, it’s a normal thing.  You would have fans, most especially the female ones and I love them as well as they love me.  That’s what’s up.  I stay in my own safe zone.  I try as much as possible to stay out of trouble.


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