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IK OgbonnaActor’s wife is an all rounder


There’s more to what meets the eye when it comes to Sonia Morales, and IK Ogbonna has confirmed it.

IK Ogbonna and wife, Sonia Morales
 IK Ogbonna‘s wife, Sonia Morales, has forced most of us to accept the fact that she is a combination of beauty and brawn and we know the actor made a great choice.

As if to prove this fact beyond reasonable doubt, the Nollywood actor has revealed that Morales is every bit of an all rounder as she seems.

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IK Ogbonna and his wife, Sonia Morales.IK Ogbonna and his wife, Sonia Morales.

According to Ogbonna, his wife has come a long way in integrating herself with his culture, not just as a Nigerian, but as an Igbo man.

During a chat with Sunday Scoop, Ogbonna emphasised the fact he had not looked out for a foreign wife.

IK Ogbonna and Sonia MoralesIK Ogbonna and Sonia Morales

He said, “Honestly, I never sat down to think of how I wanted my wife to look like. I only knew that I wanted to marry a pretty woman with a wonderful heart. I wanted a wife who would support my dreams, pray for me, and be understanding as regards my career.

“I’m happy my wife has these qualities, and even more. I’m not one of those people that mull over where you come from before dating or marrying you. Sometimes, I even forget that my wife is not a Nigerian. She has fallen in love with where I come from, and she is constantly trying to adapt to my culture.

“I respect my wife a lot because she makes a conscious effort to relate with my people. As at four years ago, she could not even speak English, but she had to learn. She’s a sensible lady, and now she can speak many of our Nigerian slangs. I converse with her in Igbo language and even though she may not be a fluent speaker now, she understands whatever I say.”

As touching the state of the economy, Ogbonna pointed out that it was hardly the first time.

“As far as I’m concerned, Nigeria has always been in recession.  The current year has always been worse than the previous one. It didn’t just begin today, so we have to get used to it. We pray that things get better in 2017, but if things do not change, we probably would have it worse than we do presently. However, the good thing is that Nollywood is evolving; we’re growing. That is not to say that the recession hasn’t affected Nollywood though. Actors no longer earn as much as they used to.”

Answering one of the questions which are topmost in our minds, concerning actors earnings in the face of recession, Ogbonna said, “If there is anything I will do now, it would be increasing my fees because living costs are no longer the same. For me to keep up the lifestyle I’m used to, I have to earn more money,” he concluded.

IK Ogbonna and Sonia Morales got married in June 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia and welcomed a son, Ace, on June 20, 2015.

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