Interview:- Reminisce Discusses Record Label Situation, Inspiration Behind New Album & More


With three days to go before the release of his highly anticipated studio Album, rapper Reminisce took to Twitter for an interactive session with his fans, which was curated by Media personality Olori Supergal. The interview, which is over 20 questions long centered around promoting the album, but also saw him answer other questions from his teeming fans as well.

Read the full transcript of the interview, complete with Emojis below.

OSG:- First of all, congratulations on the forth coming album  set to be released on August 29 2016. How do you feel?

Reminisce:- Thank you! i feel Great. its my 4th album in 4 years & i no fit wait make pple listen to wetin i don dey work on.

OSG:- How have you managed to stay out of scandals, like beefs, issues with record labels in about 5 years in d industry. 

Reminisce:- Well 1st off, I was never signed to a label…so issues no fit dey.?. Then I keep my private life “PRIVATE”

OSG:- You are the only rapper who can rap excellently in English and Yoruba. If u’r to stick to one, which would it be? 

Reminisce:- Only? Not sure.. but def one of my strong points and has broadened my fan Base.???YORUBA ni o. $$$ 1st.

OSG:-  Also, how are you able to do both languages do effortlessly?

Reminisce:- Because I speak both fluently. I dey speak “vernacular” for primary school well well.???

OSG ( Fan Question ):- How Did You Feel When You Signed Oladips

Reminisce:- Great! Too much talent.

OSG ( Fan Question ):-  I thought u were signed under Edge records? Or is it some sort of partnership? 

Reminisce:- Management. 

OSG ( Fan Question ):-   if may ask what’s your inspiration?

Reminisce:- My environment! 

OSG ( Fan Question ):- can u do a song with’s gonna dope?

Reminisce:- We have one on . Be sure to check it out.

OSG:-  “I Remember” is a track on ur new album, which seems to come from a deep, melancholic place. Wat is d story behind it? 

Reminisce:- it’s a very personal song I made for my late parents.. also talks about my journey 4rm childhood till date. 

OSG ( Fan Question ):- baba on the cypher 2.0 what’s you thinking wen the flow started, plus the song wit my blood @cdqolowo badt gaan ??? #ELHADJ

Reminisce:- Normal dubs..playing around having fun with my music.

OSG:-  Are your songs mostly pre-recorded, den grouped in 2 albums, or do u begin to record each album after d last has dropped? 

Reminisce:- I record errday, pick a few songs from the archives ,then I just record a some more,depending on the “theme”.

OSG ( Fan Question ):- Congrats on the new album. How come Jospo didnt produce any of the tracks?  

Reminisce:- Jospo/kimzbeats were a major part of creating . As engineers, he wasn’t involved with production anyways.

OSG ( Fan Question ):- How do you feel when you meet people who think you cannot speak good English? Do you feel offended? 

Reminisce:- Nope. Dem dey judge with the music, which is fine.. oyinbo o di $$$ sha.?

OSG:- what was the inspiration behind the new album title  ?

Reminisce:- ??.After my wish of going mecca this year, but release and all no allow me. I come tush the name “Alhaji”? And a lot of people call me “Alhaji” already. Like my last 2 efforts, I like to name my albums around myself.?

OSG ( Fan Question ):- is there any story telling song like ‘Bisi’ in Book of Rap Stories in 

Reminisce:- ??2/3 I think..” I remember/ daily basis.

OSG:- Your albums seem to be describing a progression, is that on purpose, or did it just happen. 

Reminisce:- I have always believed growth is a gradual process….small part “on purpose” small part “e just happen”?

OSG:- What message are you trying to put out with this album? What’s d underlying, general theme That you think it has, and why that theme? 

Reminisce:- “MATURE” I have evolved as a man/artiste.. so it’s only right the music evolves too. introspective.

OSG ( Fan Question ):- your albums show a dope hip-hop lyricism in an indigenous context. is  a local or an international project?

Reminisce:- Gbogbo e papo noni!!#

OSG:- With each album you drop, one cannot but notice a tinge of maturity, even in ur outlook. What do we hold responsible? 

Reminisce:- Agba tin de noni.???

OSG:- Last question – What is your take on the notion that sex is needed to sell records in the industry?  

Reminisce:- Well……..???. Not necessarily. But one still gats give them what the WANT.

OSG:- nice one. You’ve done so well in the past few years. We can’t wait for  to drop on August 29. We are super excited!

Reminisce:- Level yen gaan gaan. 


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