Interview With Cool FM’s Do2dtun : How To Triumph As A Media Personality


This time we are learning and getting motivated by a Nigerian media mogul, Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode popularly known as Do2dtun. He is presently involve in many media activities simultaneously ranging from on air personality, disk jockey, video jockey, voice-over artist, sound engineer, hype-man, voice coach to entertainment entrepreneur .


After our awareness of his cognate experience in the media industry, we reached out to him, so he can share with us pragmatic insights on media business and entrepreneurship in general.
In this interview, Do2dtun shared his thoughts on how to discover your best media niche, how to become an expert at it ,all you need to add more activities to what you do, and practical ethics you can deploy to achieve success. He also talked about the common mistakes to watch out for, how to deal with rejections and stay winning in any of your chosen profession.We were  overwhelmed with  his knowledge, the different positive dimensions he sees things, his ideology and more.
Reading this interview will not only make you redefined as a media personality or an entrepreneur but will also open your eyes to certain things in your life that you haven’t been cognizant of.
Whether you’re an aspiring media personality or an existing one or rather someone interested in achieving success at what he or she does presently, you have great things to learn from our multi-talented media mogul.
Now grab your pen, notepad and relax as Do2dtun takes us through an online master class session. Kindly drop us a comment at the end of the class.

Good day sir, it’s nice having you here. Let’s get close up and personal;briefly describe your personality.
Am an outspoken and quirky person who is very conservative in his way of life and I put God first in everything I do. My being conservative, has to do with me understanding that it is critical to always remember where i came from, so I appreciate norms, values and respect as well. I strongly believe that one should set limits and be principled with all dealings in one’s life, and I take all have mentioned very serious .

The quirky part of me, is about  my unique approach to certain things of life, I love thinking outside the box a lot, for this you can call me crazy, fun and any other related things [smiles ]. I like the law of attraction, because I believe there’s a great power attached to how you’re perceive by people , so in all we do as human, appearance and image matters a lot.
I love staying very focused at my work. After God and family, my work is the next most important. I take it very seriously and I love being creative and thinking outside the box at work as well.

Thanks for sharing that. So, did your involvement in the media industry cause any change in your personality?
Like I said earlier, have always being an outspoken person, am down to earth, even though sometimes people perceive me as a proud one but am very easy to approach. When people get to meet me one on one they always pass comments that are far different from how they perceive about me before the meeting e. But I love the mixed personality definition because I don’t want to be someone people  can predict easily, so it’s fine.
Now to answer your question, coming into the media industry would have changed me a little bit at some point, “it changes almost everyone”. This is because being a known person, sometimes exposes one to being taken you for granted by people and that’s why I have principles for myself and I know my limits.

Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

Great! Let’s move the spotlight away from you, presently I am aware you’re wearing so many caps in the media industry ranging from on-air personality, disk jockey, video jockey, voice-over artist, sound engineer, hype-man, voice coach and entertainment entrepreneur but am very sure you didn’t start with all at once, so enlighten us on how an aspiring or already existing media personality can discover how and where they can start from using your experience.

Yes you’re right I didn’t start everything all at once. My media career started from the drive I have to become one of the best dancers in Africa, *a big shout out to Kaffy*, she is doing a great job. Am not a jack of all trade, I  only discovered what works best for me, if you look at all I do presently, they are within the media industry. My first media career was on air radio personality which I started by accident.
My career discovery started in the university, that’s where I figured what I wanted to do. I had two options; which were Medicine and Mass communication, I stroke out medicine because I knew I didn’t have patience for it but Mass Communication was a great option because it fits in perfectly into my personality, what I believe I can do and how I envisioned my future career would look like.


Temmy Balogun Interviewing Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

I decided on what I wanted to do, using my interpersonal skills but i paid more attention to it when my friends started telling me how eloquent and vibrant I am and their assurance that I will fit into on air personality based on what they see.
What then made all have discovered myself, and heard materialise was the support of an external professor who came tolecture in my university then, Mr Nzeribe, he was the APCON chairman then as well.

Though now late, Mr Nzeribe believed that I will do well in radio, so he gave me three options of broadcasting stations and I picked Cool FM, which have been with ever since.

Bottom Line: First, do a self-evaluation to  discover your skills, ability, competencies, interests, and what you’re good at, it all starts from self-discovery. Then also be attentive to comments people pass as regards what they perceive your strength to be. Ruminate on both and you can decide your starting point with the information gathered.

Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

 Temmy Balogun Interviewing Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

Ok Great! So after this discovery, how can they become an expert in their chosen media niche?
A quick way to become an expert in your chosen career is to be yourself and do things your own way. Yes you can practice the laws, rules, but sometimes it’s good to break the rules. As much as it might sound crazy, I like to break rules, and that’s how my hyping career came through. Am am not referring to rules that will get you into serious troubles but rules that if desirable result is achieved at the end, it will impact people’s live positively and many will be happy to follow your path.
An example is the story of Mark Zuckerberg, narrated through the Social Network movie, if he didn’t take the idea away from those guys, Facebook might not be as elaborate as it is today. But he actually broke the rules, by buying the idea from them. Those are the kind of rules I am talking about.
In a nutshell, dare to be different; this comes from being yourself, stay focused on your chosen career, and develop yourself frequently, to become better at what you do.
Bottom Line: Be yourself, do your things differently, break rules that will help you make impact not those that will get you burnt. Remember the kind of rule Mark Zukerberg broke .

Is it fine  to venture into other media profession after ascertaining expertise on the first one? Or are there things to check or put in place before making that move?
I understand youths of this present age hardly exercise patience but it is key, because there are things you have to do before starting off any career, if  you truly  want to be successful at it. First you have to understand that education is critical. So go to school and learn the basics of what you want to venture into, then you later learn on the job as you advance in your career.
For instance as a script writer or a producer you need to attend film school like FRCN, or rather have proper tertiary education like I did. I studied Mass Communication in school, I majored in advertising, which taught me how to build images for brands, then at some point I learnt things about voice over, radio and TV techniques among others while in school, which are all useful for me today.
Moving forward I did internship, at some point where I got exposed to the practicality attached to my field, and that’s where my recommendation for my OAP job came from as well.
So you need proper background knowledge to know how things are being done in your field before kick starting .
Bottom Line: You need basic knowledge in any of your chosen media field, prior to starting your career. This will help you understand what it entails and practical ways of doing things.
Let’s lighten the mood a bit I understand you’re a proud husband and father,share with us what you love most about playing both roles?

Temmy Balogun Interviewing Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

I love playing the role of a father more. One thing men don’t understand is your wife and kids are your children. You have to take care of your wife just like you do for your kid. The same way women see their husbands as their babies, their husbands should see them as their daughters too. That’s my dimension to the whole thing, so I get to play the role of a father more than a husband.
So as a man, how you take care of your kids should be extend to your wives as well, once you take that approach you will be fine.

Bottom Line: It’s best to play the role of a father more, by always putting into consideration that your wife and kids are your children.

 Now back to our topic; ever since you started, how have you been managing all the media services you’re into? Any unique tactics?
There are no tactics to this things, I just stay myself while carrying them out, I know my boundaries, have set principles and thnen fine. And also I have people that work with me, I don’t do it all by myself.

What do you love most about being an air personality? Which will you call the top three best in all you do?

I love about being an OAP because the profession, allows me to be myself and also understand myself alot better. I love how I can easily enlighten people based on my perspective to things and we get to discuss about it at length.
To segment what I do presently, my first best right now will be being a h ype-man, am loving it a lot right now.

Do2dtun Performing As An Hype-man

A lot of people think I pioneered it but I didn’t, *a big shout to Larry D for this*. But am so loving the fact that have been able to make it look like a business, now every young media personality is looking to become a hype-man.
The second is being an OAP, then the third is doing all together{Smiles}.

Thanks for that,  what are the challenges you have faced from doing all together? How have you been overcoming them?

Have faced lots of challenges, ranging from misunderstanding I get from fans and colleagues sometimes, then trying to re-invent oneself to fit into the present trend . When those challenges come, I don’t allow them get to me, I quickly shake them off with either music, being true to myself by talking about it on my social platforms , having conversation with my friends, or playing football.

Bottom Line: Challenges will come but don’t allow them get to you, just shake them off.

Temmy Balogun Interviewing Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

Was there any time you thought of giving up on any of your present professions? How did you get over that feeling?
{Smiles}, times like that will surely come, as much as you love something, you will think of giving up on it at some point ,maybe because you feel you have explored well in the field, so you’re fulfilled, it happened to me  but there’s nothing that beats passion, so I always find myself coming back to it. I keeping doing it because of passion then, try other things alongside as well.

You have been doing great stuff as a Hype-man for a while now, what do you love most about it? Do you do this for all events?
What I love most about it is that, it put smiles on peoples’ faces. I appreciate how hyping makes people free with me, we dance and have all types of fun, and people go home happy. The feeling that comes with this is‘priceless’ to me.
Hype is a profession that allows one entertain everybody. No matter how serious people are, everyone  loves being entertained, so hyping gets me to be the live of events and everyone go home happy.
Yes I do it for all kinds or events not just not music shows. Have being a hype-man for lots of corporate events ranging from UBA, Transcorp, Bank of Industry among others.

Flashback to when started as an OAP at Cool FM, how did you win your target audience over?

I noticed everyone like a cheerful personality, someone they can relate with on subject matters that they find interesting, so I give them all that. I also won them over with the kind of energy I pull on and of fair, and how I give life to moments. Though some people always thing  that I take something to keep me vibrant , but I don’t, am just being me.

Do2dtun Slaying At Work

How well did you experience rejection in your career journey? How did you deal with them?
I experienced several rejections in the early stage of my career, though I don’t like to remember such experience, but really there were times , I was sent off stage, my microphone got switched off while on air and among others. To overcome it I always go back to God. Because thinking about it will only make me depressed, and that doesn’t help me at all. So I just pray about, shake it off, stay focused on what I want to do and stay happy as well.
But God is the one I run back to in times like this, and He fixes everything in a wonderful way. I don’t joke with God!

Bottom Line: There will be several rejections in your career journey, people who slam doors at your face, instead of thinking about it and getting depressed, talk to God about about it in prayer, He will fix it all. Don’t joke with God!

For anyone looking to wearing many caps in the media industry like you, mention three of your personal ethics that can help them.
• Be Discipline
• Be Yourself
• Always think outside the box

Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

Temmy Balogun Interviewing Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

What are those three things that can stand individuals out in whatever they do?

  • Your appearance matters a lot, that’s law of attraction. Your poise, self esteem, carriage, all determine how people  perceive you and it stands you out as well.
  • Be generous in sharing ideas, and your creativity to people who wants to live your legacy, your family, fans among others. People these days hoard great ideas, without letting them out and end up  dying with them.
  •  Dare to be different and futuristic. Be yourself, and think more about the future not the present.

What’s your definition of success in a media career? What mistake have you made or observe that successful media personality often make while climbing their career ladder that you need people to watch out for?
To me success is when my children,their unborn children and  people  still make reference  and also benefits from the things I did while alive, that’s leaving a ‘Legacy’. This one  of the reasons people should respect ‘Fela’, his names still open doors, millions of people attend felabration yearly . He is the only one that has done that, success isn’t about being wealthy but leaving a legacy.
Then the mistakes people in the media industry make, most times are issue of personal habits, media industry makes everyone free, you get things free; opportunities, women, men among others, so most people tend to loose-guard,as an aspiring or existing media personality  you need to be conscious of that.
Also I wish everything I know now, have known them at an earlier age like 16 or 17, as much am grateful to God for all have achieved now, I believe if I started off early I would have built an empire by now. So anyone in the media industry should be focus, and act fast on any idea, they have so as to make great meaning out of it . No one is too small to make positive impact.

Temmy Balogun Interviewing Do2dtun [Photo Credit: Bannex Photography]

 How do you relax?

I love listening to  music, and playing football. Infact I play football a lot lately, then I party also. But recently I screen the event I attend, events that I am paid to attend and the ones that give me the kind of exposure I need, are where you can find me.

Who are your role models in the industry?
In the International scene I will say Howard Stern, and Dj Khaleed. I love Edward Stern’s ideology and Dj Khaleed’s drive.
In Nigeria, I will say Dennis Fayemi, Olisa Adibua, and Daddy Freeze. Daddy Freeze taught me almost everything I know about radio today.

Are you available for mentorship? How should prospective mentees reach you?
Yes I am. I mentor lot of people right now and am thinking of holding my forum sometime in future. To reach me is easy, send me a message via my Instagram, and twitter.

Your advice to both aspiring and existing media personality.
Stay focus, and once again dare to be different

Inspire youths in one sentence using English  and Yoruba languages.

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