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Hey  Y’all i’m back again and this time I have with me one of God’s Generals, A Dynamic Multi Award Winning Gospel Rock Artist, He is a worshipper, Song Writer and Minister Of The Gospel. His name is EBEN (rounds of applause) !!!!!


1) You’ve been married for 7months now, what does it feel like being married, How much has  changed about eben as a person?

Eben – It’s been wonderful ever since I got married more blessings and more favour ,indeed “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.

2) You carry the presence of God when you minister on stage and people are touched and blessed. How do you prepare yourself before you minister on stage?

Eben – I try to find out what the program is about because no two programs are the same then I pray along in that direction usually in tongues(if you know what I mean)..

3) You ministered alongside international great gospel ministers like don moen, cece winans , yolanda adams , donnie mcclurkin at the experience last year. Are you working on a collaboration with any of them?

Eben – When the time is right you’ll hear..

4)How do you handle being an artist and a husband since both positions require your attention?

Eben – Wisdom is profitable to direct but really I just give the best of me in any capacity I am required to perform that way one does not suffer for the other..


5) When should your fans be expecting your next album and what should they be expecting from the album and eben in 2014?

Eben – I am not sure yet if there will be an album for 2014,but we are still praying about it while work is going on, there are powerful songs on ground already ,we just waiting till He says go.

6) When putting together an album, What do you intend to achieve/accomplish and would you say you’ve been able to achieve your set objectives from your previous albums?

Eben – Before I pen down any song or hit the studios, I always want to know the mind of God concerning any move. When He is involved you cannot be ignored. God is passionate about relationship with us and I believe strongly that the “justified” album and the previous ones have all achieved that purpose(fostering worship and relationship with God).

7) What is that thing(s) about eben that your fans don’t know about you?

Eben – I am not sure they know I love shopping …kidding, behind the clothes and the glamour is a man that is passionate about God and His kingdom.. I love JESUS.

8) Have gospel artists been able to achieve the objective of soul winning through music?


Eben – Not really but we have done well, but there is still more work to be done..

9) You have such a strong, unique voice texture and quality, Who were your influences while starting up and how do you train and maintain your voice quality?

Eben – I attribute my tonal quality to nature and nurture …I was really inspired by artistes like Michael Bolton and Brian Adams.

10) How do you get inspired to write your songs?

Eben – Am inspired by worshippers and their need to worship.. I wanna help people articulate their emotions n intents to God..that’s how I get inspired.

11) What are your challenges as a Christian , and gospel artist and how do you overcome them?


Eben – When you are passionate nothing can hinder you…”what shall separate us from the love of God?” people see challenges because they lack the right amount of passion.. I have never seen a passionate person who gave in to excuses.. if your eyes be single your whole body will be full if light..

12) What advice would you give to upcoming gospel artists?

Eben- Upcoming artiste should learn to live from the inside out, because the quality of your spirit is the quality of your life. Invest time in developing your inner man, study God’s word and soak up your spirit with the word, it is able to build you up and give you an inheritance, generate capacity before you go out there .That way ,life will be a walk in the park.

Its been awesome having  you on this interview Eben . God’s Grace, Anointing and Strength be multiplied upon your ministry and family always. Keep soaring to Greater Heights Yes!!!.  And till I bring to you my next gospel artist interview my name remains warepamor Sammy, God Bless You.

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Gospel Rock Artist

Here’s a picture of Me, Eben and Jahdiel

Me and Gospel Artists Eben and Jahdiel

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