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Is she real? Evia Simon Says Men Go Gaga Over Her Figure


  • She is wow!!!

She is wow!!!

Evia who has acted in few movies like Three Generals, Stubborn Generals, Ifunanya, Oga Madam, Men in Bondage, Girls Cot and When Love Dies since her debut in 2010, says men are always trying every trick to get her into their beds because of her curvy and erotic body.

I find their reaction annoying sometimes and embarrassing. Some even go as far as screaming and they let me know I am the reason they are screaming.

Some go out of their ways to do  the craziest things. One of the craziest things a guy ever did was to leave his car parked along the roadside and entered the same cab with me just to have a word with me because if he had kept on driving, he would have missed me.

And it was so funny when I found out he parked his car along the roadside to follow me down to my house just to have a word with me.

I am not the type of girl who is only interested in money. I believe in love. To me, love comes first. I hate to have anything to do with a guy because of his money.

I can stand love and bear anything that comes with it but as for money, I can’t stand everything that comes with it; because I hate it when someone makes me believe I am getting close only because of his money.

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