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Ivie Okujaye speaks to NET on her Nollywood journey so far Posted by:


Chrysanthus Ikeh Ivie Okujaye won the Viewer’s Choice Awards 2013 for the trailblazer of the Year. Photo: XLR8 Fast rising Nollywood actress-turned-producer, Ivie Okujaye, tells NET about the first movie she produced, ‘Make a movie’, which will be released on Friday, June 6, 2014. In this interview, the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2013 Trailblazer of the Year award winner also offers a glimpse into her upcoming projects, her plans to learn how to direct movies, and more. Tell us about the first movie you produced, ‘Make a move’. ‘Make a move’ is a movie about a noble art. It focuses on transforming the lifestyle of people facing insubordination, and how they gain the freedom of expression and also free themselves from their past. How did you come up with the movie title? ‘Make a move’ has been my slogan since childhood. It has always being in the back of my head. Having the story in mind and the slogan at the back of my head, I thought it was cool to go with it as the title. News making the rounds is that you had N30m to produce your movie. Is that true? This is very tricky. I was slightly misquoted. I only called figures based on what other producers have made producing a movie. So I said it will be nice if I feel among them. Ivie Okujaye won the AMAA award for ‘Best Young Actress’ in 2012 So, how much did it cost you to produce the movie ‘Make a move? I did use a lot of what I have, but I can’t be so sure of the figures. I wouldn’t have minded telling you. Did you face challenges in getting the cast for your movie? No, I didn’t. All the cast members featured in the movie I had already met before the movie; it was no big deal. What are the challenges you faced going into producing? Well, this is my first time producing. What I did in order to prepare myself was to understudy some producers. I understudied Chris Odey and Desmond Elliot to perfect my work. Is it true that you are also a singer? Should we expect an album or singles from you? I sing very well, but I do that only in my bathroom. I might try it in future but for now I will just maintain where I am. How did you develop yourself as an actress? When I was a child, I watched cartoons a lot and I mimicked cartoon characters. I could act and speak like them. When I got into school (Queens College Yaba, Lagos), I joined the dance and drama group which I was so much in love with – I couldn’t wait for Fridays to come so I could rehearse with my dance and drama team. There was a time they auditioned almost a thousand people in my school for a play. I was in SS1 and was picked to play Joseph. I realised I wasn’t half bad because there were girls who had the build – I didn’t, but my voice was completely manly, I could fake it. I thought of studying it in the university. However, because I come from a family with medical background they kindly insisted that I didn’t. Eventually, I studied Economics and Statistics in University of Abuja, which didn’t stop me from going forward to join the theatre students in school. Did your parents eventually support your decision to take up acting as a profession? At the time I wanted to go into Nollywood, my parents advised me to practice something related to my course before acting. They wanted me to get a stable job, but later they developed confidence in me after my persistence for success in my acting career. You are sometimes called Genevieve’s look alike. What is your relationship with her? Looking like Genevieve is a lovely coincidence because she is a beautiful woman. She is talented, gorgeous and her simplicity is very appealing; her simplicity is what I look up to in the movie industry. Ivie Okujaye was the winner of the 2009 AMSTEL Malta Box Office (AMBO) reality TV show What other projects should we expect after the release of your movie?  I want ‘Make a move’ to be out before I go into another, so that I can study my mistakes or success and then know what to do better. But, in terms of what project to expect, ‘Valour’ will be released in summer. It was directed by Niyi Akinmolayan who also directed ‘Make a move’. How do you spend your leisure time? I like swimming when I am not on set and I also spend my leisure time watching cartoons. So, when should we expect wedding bells? I promise to send you an invite as soon as it happens. I’m 27 and into a serious relationship which I started even before winning the Amstel Malta Box Office years ago. © NET Newspapers 2014. All Rights Reserved. Please use sharing tools. Do not cut, copy or lift any content from this website without our consent….

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