Jesse Jagz opens up on why he didn’t have a phone for four years


Jesse Jagz in an interview with Pulse TV revealed that he did not have a mobile phone for four years.

He said he made this decision because he wanted to be supremely focused and disciplined. “I didn’t have a phone for four years” confessed Jesse Jagz. The rapper/singer/producer said this decision helped to be disciplined and focused on his art during the years he was no longer with Chocolate City.

Jesse Jagz opens up on why he didn’t have a phone for four years

During the period out of Choc City, the multi-talented act said he had to accept responsibility for his every move while he was solo.

Jesse Jagz exclusively told Pulse TV that the two years he was not on Choc City he had moments of doubt but overcame them and proved he could stand on his own.

When asked what led him to leave the Audu Maikori led imprint, Jesse Jagz said “Honestly I must say it was just business, just business.

I was done recording Thy Nation Come at that moment. I felt it was the most fantastic album ever but then for business reasons it was too revolutionary. At that point I was like I am still going to do this thing regardless. That was literally what happened. And in all fairness my contract was over at that period” he further stated.

Jesse wanted to drop the album immediately, but kind of pulled a tantrum when he did not have his way.

Throughout the two year period Jesse Jagz maintained that he had a cordial relationship with the owners of Chocolate City during the breakup and negotiations. “Family remained family” he said. He also said that the Chocolate City loved his two albums released under Jagz Nation.

M.I, Ice and I are always going to have problems. It’s relationship” he said about the state of affairs between him and his ‘brothers’. Jesse said they were still cool and its people outside their circles who tried to amplify the situation.

After establishing his name as a strong indie act in Nigeria, Chocolate City signified interest in signing him back. Jesse said M.I pushed the move which to led to talks and negotiations. “It did feel good” expressed Jesse when he got M.I’s call.

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