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Kenneth Okonkwo (born November 6, 1968) is a Nigerian actor, popularly known for his role in the movie Living in Bondage.

Okonkwo was born in Nsukka Enugu State. In 2013 he won the African Movie Academy Award on a Special Recognition of Pillars of Nollywood.[1]

2015 he was given a special recognition award by the organisers of the City People Entertainment Awards for his contribution to the growth of entertainment in Nigeria

Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo Reveals He Has Come Very Close To Committing Adultery

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo has revealed in an interview that he has experienced strong temptation to cheat on his wife but he did not falter due to the help of Jesus Christ. He affirmed that he has not not gone out of his marriage to seek comfort in the hands of another woman throughout the 7 years he has been married. He said, “Since I got married, I have not had a carnal knowledge of any other lady but I have been very close to it, been tempted but Jesus has been helping me, it has not happened”.


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