Lilian Bach Reveals Why She Quit Acting for a while


Veteran Nigerian actress, Lilan Bach has revealed why she has stopped starring in Nollywood movies for some time now. Speaking with Punch’s Saturday Beats, she said:

“I purposely took a break from doing movies. I became a producer and I wanted to be doing my own movies but piracy couldn’t allow me. In Nollywood, experience is actually the best teacher; nobody really tells you the truth. You have to go through the experience to find out what others are suffering from. We cannot continue to ignore the fact that piracy has been trying to bring the industry down. That was why I took a break. I couldn’t continue producing movies without recouping my money. It is not a good thing,” she said.

She further stated that she is now available anytime any producer wants her to feature in a movie, but previously, she did not have this luxury. She noted:

“I am not always in the country because I do other businesses. Maybe the time they want to call me for a job will be when I am jetting out. But now, I am home. I am fully on the ground unlike before. I am available if any producer needs me. It is just that I feel sorry for them how they would recoup their money.”

Why I don’t watch Nigerian movies – Lilian Bach

Lilian-Bach-1Nollywood actress, Lilian Bach, has revealed that she gets discouraged whenever she sees most Nigerian movies.

The ex-beauty queen cum actress, born of a Polish father, spoke on how Nigerian movies celebrate ritual, prostitution and blood. She said, “you will be disappointed to hear that I don’t really watch much of our local movies because each time I did, I feel discouraged.

On her concern about acting nude, Lilian said, “I can’t act nude.

“I don’t think I have the moral upbringing to act nude. I’m a Christian and I respect my body as the temple of God. I can’t do it for any price,” she told newsmen.

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